April 13th 2018 Ebrill 13eg

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,

It’s been a really positive first week! We are delighted that so much has fallen into place so quickly and while there is much fine tuning to do, we are already settling into our new home. The pupils have been a credit once again, adapting so well, being enthusiastic and also respectful of our new premises. Long may it continue.

Drop Offs – These arrangements have been very successful so far. Please bear in mind that Giggles’ gate, accessible via the upper path, will open at 8.30am, while the lower gate will open at 8.50am. If you arrive before then, please send your child into breakfast club. At the end of the day, the gates will be opened at 3pm for you to access the site.

Achievers – Students of the week were all of Reception, Willow, Isabella, all of Year 2, Teddy, Poppy, all of year 5 and Wil. A swimming certificate went to Holly and a football trophy to Fletcher. Seren won the Welsh award.

Assembly – Our new hall is spacious, has good acoustics, is bright and is a great environment for our assemblies.

Urdd Art – We had some good art results. In the Ruthin competition, Ffion and Morgan finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively for their drawings, with Illy fiishing 1st for her puppet and jewellery. Illy also finished 3rd for her pieces in the County event. Very well done indeed! We’ll present certificates on Monday!

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

April 9th 2018 Ebrill 9fed

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,

I hope you had a lovely Easter. We have nearly reached the big day, where we finally welcome the pupils onto the new site.

It is going to be a period of transition and change and I ask for your patience and understanding as we establish new arrangements that work for us, while ensuring pupils are safeguarded at all times. I appreciate some of the details regarding paths and entry points may be confusing with you being unfamiliar with the site. However, the information below will hopefully be of help as you cast eyes upon our new home as you first arrive. There will of course, be plenty of staff on hand to assist.

Here are the arrangements for Tuesday onwards for your attention. Please read them carefully to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible from the outset.

Parking – The car park has been completed and marked last week. Denbighshire County Council Staff will be on hand to point you in the correct direction safely. The way into the car park is via the entrance on the left, with the exit through the gate on the right.

Morning Drop Offs
Breakfast Club – Breakfast Club opens at 8am. Pupils will need to be accompanied to the door leading into the hall which is to be found directly to the left of Main Reception, where they will be registered and passed on to a staff member before entering the hall. You can access this door via the steps in front of both schools or the zig-zag path to the right of those steps.

Nursery and Giggles – Parents of pupils in Nursery and Giggles can follow the upper path running to the right of main reception and through the upper gate to where Eleri and Kelly will welcome the pupils for Nursery from 8.50am. Giggles pupils go through the same gate and then through the next blue gate to get to Giggles which is past the slide. Giggles is open from 8.30am.

All other year groups – Parents of other pupils will follow the lower path in front of the school, leading to the right hand side of the building and go through the lower gate, keep going past the steps on the left, following the path up to the next gate, where you will pass on your child to a staff member on that gate. Your child will then go onto either the Infant or Junior yard area until the bell rings. If it is raining they will go directly into class. The gate will be opened at 8.50am. Any pupils arriving before that time, will need to be taken to Breakfast Club, as per the arrangements above. Any latecomers should come into school via the main reception.

Picking Up Arrangements

11.30am Nursery Pick Up – The pick up arrangements for Nursery pupils will be the same as morning drop off, with the pupils being released though the same doors to parents and relatives at the end of the morning session. Pupils going from Nursery to Giggles will be handed over by staff inside the building.

Reception Class – At the end of the school day, parents of pupils in the Reception class, will use the gates and stairs used by Nursery parents in the morning, where the pupils will be released through the Reception cloakroom.

Years 1 and 2 – Parents of Years 1 and 2 pupils will access the site via the gate they dropped off the pupils in the morning and wait on the Infant outdoor area for the pupils to be sent home via their respective cloakrooms.

Juniors – Parents of Junior children will access the site via the gate they dropped off their pupils in the morning and wait in the Juniors’ outdoor area for them to be sent home via their respective cloakrooms. This area is to be found by following the path to the right of the gate for morning drop offs.

Enquiries – If you wish to make an enquiry in the office, you will need to follow the stairs in front of both schools or the zig-zag path to the right of those steps. Clerical staff are available from 8.45am so any messages to be passed on to school staff in the morning can be done here or via Breakfast Club staff before that time. Parents and relatives are permitted onto the site at the end of the day while picking up and staff are of course available at this time for informal chats, as we are eager to retain our open door ethos, despite the changes regarding morning drop offs.

After School Club – Pupils will be handed over from class to After School Club inside the building. The location of After School Club is the same as Giggles. Follow the path to the right of the front of the school building, go through the gate, up the stairs on the left and past the slide.

Landscaping – You will be aware on entry to the site that the external landscapes are incomplete and areas that will be grassed are yet to be seeded. Could you please encourage you children to stay on the paths at all time and not step on soiled or barked areas. Many thanks.

School Lunches / ParentPay – The electronic system in the canteen is yet to be installed as I write this. We will of course be using ParentPay as before the Easter, but there may be a period of transition as the computerised canteen system is introduced. I’ll keep you posted!

Ongoing Works – There will be ongoing works going on at the site, which will include finishing the externals and any snagging works. Be assured that the pupils will not be put in any danger or be placed in the proximity of any of these works.

School Uniform – We have approved the logo design to go on the uniform and Workplace Worksafe will soon have them in production, if they haven’t already.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

A Final Word Before We Move / Gair i Gloi Cyn Symud

Dear Parents and Relatives,

It seems a long time since May 2013, when we were informed of the proposal to build on a new site for both schools on the other side of town. Yet here we are, five years later, on the threshold of that move, with the school community bracing itself with a mixture of sadness and excitement at leaving the old behind while embracing the new.

This school is steeped in its history, with the old traditional and distinctive building being a wonderful home to over 170 years of education. Thousands of pupils and hundreds of staff have all collaborated in a positive educational environment over many generations. This longevity, is a testament to the importance of this school to the town of Ruthin over recent centuries.

The Farewell Event this week was just perfect, because it gave all our current pupils the chance to look back and look forward to the future. They sang their song with pride and it was wonderful to welcome current and old friends who made the effort to attend. It was very special to see a packed hall as a fitting finale.

While we may be moving buildings, we are and will remain the same school, with the same values, principles and aims. We have the same mission to provide opportunity, realise potential and enrich learners together and this vision will prevail and drive us forward. We will have the same pupils, same staff and same community around us, who will ensure that this is the case and the name synonymous with education in Ruthin: “Rhos Street School,” will rightly go with us. It is a brand of which we are proud and the retention of our name, reflects our wish to hold on to as much as we can from our current incarnation, while we also strive to take advantage of fantastic new facilities and resources to drive us forward into the future of an ever changing world.

Our old building will remain a cherished landmark in this town. While we acknowledge that we have to leave it behind, I cannot overstate how important it is to us, that this building is left standing long into the future and that its distinctive and historic external features, remain untouched.

As an old Chinese proverb says:
“The wise man and the tortoise travel but never leave their home.”
We may be travelling to the other side of town, but we live on and our home is Rhos Street School.

Yours sincerely,

Bryn D. Jones
Headteacher, Pennaeth

March 23rd / Mawrth 23ain

Dear Parents / Carers,
The school is becoming an increasingly empty place. Five hundred crates have been packed and transported across town, as has some of the furniture we’ll be retaining. The remaining items will be taken care of between now and Easter, after which the unpacking can begin. I hope everybody has a lovely Easter and I look forward to welcoming everybody to our new home on Tuesday April 10th.

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,
Mae’r ysgol yn dod yn le fwyfwy gwag. Mae pum cant bocs wedi eu pacio a’u cludo ar draws y dref, fel mae rhai darnau o ddodrefn y byddwn yn eu cadw. Bydd yr eitemau sy’n weddill yn cael eu cludo hyd y Pasg, ac ar ôl hynny gall y dadbacio ddechrau. Rwy’n dymuno Pasg hyfryd i bawb ac yn edrych ymlaen at groesawu pawb i’n cartref newydd ar ddydd Mawrth Ebrill 10fed.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Urdd Eisteddfod – Creative Dance – Our Creative Dance group has competed twice in recent weeks. Firstly in the local Eisteddfod and then the County event last night. On both occasions they were awarded a much deserved first place with a very striking and visual performance, fantastically choreographed by Mrs Lewis. They now go on to the National Eisteddfod in Builth Wells and I will share further details straight after the Easter break. Llongyfarchiadau!

Farewell Event – Thank you to the PTA for providing refreshments at our farewell event. A huge thank you also to our current pupils and staff for their work in preparing activities for all our visitors to enjoy.

Ruthin Local History Website – The Ruthin Local History Society are focusing on the history of our school in an ongoing project. Visit the following pages to see what has been completed so far. https://www.ruthinhistoryhanesrhuthun.org/rhos-street-proeject

Urdd Eisteddfod – Last Saturday’s Eisteddfod also proved to be a success, with Emma awarded 1st place on the flute. The singing party finished 2nd, Ben was 3rd for his recitation and Xander 3rd on his cornet. Our recitation group came 4th. A huge thank you and well done to all who took part.

Letters to Ghana – Our student teacher in Year 4, Miss Strong is off to Ghana over the holidays and has been helping the pupils to write letters to take over with her on her visit.

Year 3 Project
– I hope that you took advantage of the opportunity to view the fantastic opportunities that Year 3 have been provided with in their creative project with Elizabeth Jones and the wonderful work they produced, which was displayed at the event this week. They have been very enthusiastic and we look forward to seeing how the project develops across the school after Easter.

A Toast by the Governors – Once all important business had been taken care of, the Governors last week took a moment to reflect upon and toast the old school building in the final meeting before the move.

Easter Homework Projects! – There are some opportunities below of which the children can take advantage, to keep them busy during the Easter break.
1. Gabriel Goodman Story – Year 5 and 6 pupils, following their visit were given a leaflet with information about Gabriel Goodman for them to write his story, in a competition with the prize being a trip to London! The closing date is soon after Easter. The leaflet is copied below.

2. Urdd Art and Craft – Thank you for entries already sent in. Any further entries will strictly have to be sent in first thing on Tuesday 10th as they have to be registered that morning in order to be eligible. Pupils also have to be Urdd members. I have attached the syllabus.

3. Ruthin Festival Art Competition – Attached below are details of this competition celebrating 25 years of the festival.

LA Newsletter – Also below, you will see a newsletter prepared by the Local Authority, providing some information regarding the new site.

Open Day – I’m sure you are eager to take a look at the new site once it’s finished. Apparently there was an event organised by the construction company for local residents this week. Once we’re unpacked, sorted and up and running, I’ll organise an open morning for you to see our new site and building.

Reception Visit – We were finally allowed to take our Reception pupils on Wednesday and they were very excited to see the new building.

New Arrangements – Over the final weekend of the holidays, I will communicate finalised arrangements for parking, where you can drop off pupils for breakfast club, drop off points for the school day and arrangements for picking up.

Twitter – Our twitter account remains an increasingly busy place, with 130,000 views over the last 28 days.

Another Goodbye – Anne-Marie from the canteen has left us this week to have a baby. We wish her well and look forward to welcoming her back after her maternity leave.

…and a hello again! – With Mrs Evans leaving the school office for pastures new, you may well have noticed that we’ve welcomed Emma Taylor back into the clerical role she undertook for us previously.

A Huge Thank You – It’s been a very turbulent time of late and I pay tribute to the staff for managing the stressful exercise of moving so well, hand in hand with their other everyday duties. The pupils have been a big help and can also be praised. Finally a big thank you to all the volunteers who have given of their time and been so important in us managing to get all the work done. You know who you are!

March 16th / Mawrth 16eg

Dear Parents,

We’re packing away ready to move next week. Everything is still on schedule for opening after Easter and it’s a case of all hands on deck here to ensure we can get everything we want to take with us together.

Eisteddfod – Good luck to all competitors in tomorrow’s Eisteddfod. Please refer to the letter sent home for all the details.

Urdd Art – Urdd members can enter the art competition. Could all entries be received in school on the Tuesday we return after the Easter holidays please.

Parent Pay – Could those yet to register for online payments do so immediately please. Please refer to the letter sent home with log in instructions, so that all payments can be cleared.

Goodbye Event – Although much has been packed away, our farewell event will give all the chance to see the school in action for the last time. Arrangements will be similar to the Xmas Fair, where you will be allowed to enter the building between 2.30 and 4.30. A walk around the classes will allow pupils to show activities they have been enjoying and in the hall, we will have a range of photos and items for you to view, as well as enjoy refreshments. At around 3.30pm we will say a few words and the children will sing, allowing everybody the rest of the time to chat and reminisce.

Glasdir – I have been told the Reception Class’ visit to Glasdir will take place on Wednesday afternoon.

Achievers – Students of the week were newcomers Meredith, Thomas and Benjamin, as well as Charlie and Sophie. Oscar received the Welsh award.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

March 9th / Mawrth 9fed

Dear Parents / Carers,
We approach our final fortnight in this old building with a mixture of melancholy, trepidation and excitement. The place has certainly been creaking of late, as if it knows its day are numbered. While the building may change though, the school will live on!

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,
Rydyn ni’n cyrraedd ein pythefnos olaf yn yr hen adeilad gyda chymysgedd o deimladau. Mae’r hen le wedi blino, fel petai’n gwybod bod ei ddyddiau ar ben. Er bydd ein adeilad yn newid, mi fydd yr ysgol yn byw ymlaen!

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Cardiff Residential Visit – Our residential trip was well documented on twitter, but it’s safe to say we had a fantastic time and would like to thank the pupils for making it such a pleasure. The Centre was very welcoming and accommodating, the coach driver Mel was a great navigator and Mrs Davies’ and Eira’s care of the pupils was as ever, fantastic. Diolch i bawb!

Goodbye Event – We open our doors to the school community and beyond on Monday, March 19th from 2.30-4.30pm. This will give all the chance to walk through the school for the last time, to reminisce and to see what our classes have been doing as they prepare for the move.

Dance Eisteddfod – The Dance Eisteddfod will take place at 4pm on Tuesday, March 13th with the same arrangements applying from the postponed event.

County Eisteddfod – I will share details for the Eisteddfod on Saturday 17th March early next week.

Mother’s Day
– I hope the pupils make all mothers feel very special on Sunday!

St. Peter’s Church
– The Juniors will visit St. Peter’s Church on Monday, to hear all about the life of Gabriel Goodman in advance of an exciting competition they’ll be invited to take part in.

Beau’s Fundraiser
– As you’ll be aware, Beau is fundraising for The Little Princes Trust and having his hair cut. There was a lovely piece about it in the Free Press. If you wish to donate, then https:www.justgiving.com/fundraising/beaudenton is the place to go. Well done Beau for your fantastic efforts!

Year 4 Family Service – The delayed Family Service from Year 4 was worth the wait, as they wowed us with all sorts of performances on the theme of Wales and St. David. Thank you to them for their work and to Mrs Lewis for her preparation. Thank you to the fantastic parental support in a poignant event – the last Family Service at the old building.

World Book Day – We saw some fabulous costumes once again this year. Thank you for supporting this worthwhile initiative! Year 4 had a great opportunity to visit Ruthin Library and hear Damien Harvey speak about his life and work as an author.

Lead Creative Schools’ Project – The Year 3 project continued, with the children developing teamwork skills making models out of cardboard. Again, our twitter feed is documenting these exciting activities so take a look to learn more!

Chester FC Partnership – Our partnership with Chester FC kicked off this week with a very interactive and enthusiastic session held in the hall for Years 3 and 4. The feedback was extremely positive from a session that very much focused on developing skills while also playing an exciting game of bench ball. The pupils were also in receipt of a free match programme and we are grateful of the kind donation. Hopefully, this kindness will be rewarded with a win for Chester against Wrexham on Sunday!

– Our Students of the Week were Mia, Cain, Elliott, Kieran, Kai, Daniel, Class 5 and Class 4. Swimming certificates were shared with Ben and Jensen. Grace and Molly received gymnastics medals. Well done to them all.

Goodbye Mrs Evans! – We bade a sad farewell to Mrs Evans today. She gives up her work in the school’s office to start a new role as an administrator in Ysgol Clywedog, one of the Secondary Schools in Wrexham. We thank her for all her work with us over the last 8 years and wish her well with her new challenge!

March 2nd / Mawrth 2ail

Dear Parents / Carers,
As you’ll be fully aware, we had to close today because of the snow. I think everybody appreciates it was a necessary step and I hope the pupils are putting the extra free time to good use, making snowmen, throwing snowballs and having a wonderful time. Apologies for the inconvenience that this inevitably causes. With the Cardiff trip next week, I wanted to get a newsletter out today and fingers crossed, the weather won’t from now on disrupt school activities and the building work going on down at Glasdir of course. Have a great weekend, keep warm and stay safe!

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Urdd Eisteddfod – Saturday was a long but proud day as every single one of our competitors represented the school with distinction. Scroll down our feed on twitter to see the fantastic results we received. The next round is on March 17th. Dancers have different dates and when they have been rescheduled, I will let you know.

Cardiff Visit – I’m sure there is a little uneasiness among parents and pupils regarding the Cardiff trip next week. Looking ahead at the weather, I’m hoping things will clear enough to ensure that this visit for Years 5 and 6 pupils on Monday to Wednesday next week, remains unaffected. Please refer to the letters sent home this week for full details. I’ll post a copy of the letter on twitter in case it has not reached you. Please ensure your child is on the yard for 7.50am on Monday and hopefully we will have a clear undisrupted visit, because the itinerary is very interesting indeed!

Lead Creative Schools Project – Year 3 began a special project this week with Elizabeth Jones. They are taking advantage of an opportunity provided through an Arts Council of Wales grant and have this week been looking back at their memories of the school. There are lots of photos on twitter of their activities.

Year 5 CSI Project
– Year 5 visited Brynhyfryd this week as part of transition arrangements. They took part in a special CSI Ruthin project and they used scientific skills to solve a terrible crime that took place at their prospective Secondary School.

Money Sense – The Upper Juniors as part of our aim to develop financial education skills, welcomed Mr Monks from Nat West. He ran a special Money Sense session to help them understand financial management.

Chester FC Training Sessions – We will keep an eye on the weather of course, but Years 3 and 4 will be receiving a special football session from Chester FC on Monday afternoon. Wrap up warm!

Library Visit
– Year 4 will visit Ruthin Library on Thursday morning next week to meet, question and listen to the author Damian Harvey. I’m sure it will be a fascinating experience.

Year 4 Family Service – As we had to postpone this morning’s Family Service for Year 4, we have rescheduled for next Friday at 9am. Parents and relatives welcome!

St. David’s Day – The snow didn’t deter our pupils dressing in National Costume, sports kit nor from wearing daffs and leeks yesterday. I hope you all had a lovely St. David’s Day! Cymru am byth!