July 20th / Gorffennaf 20fed

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,
We reach the end of an historic year, which has seen the school community successfully manage the transition between the old and new site. What is most pleasing to me is that despite the change in location and facilities, it still feels like it’s the same school, with the same values, same ambitions and the same community at its centre. As we move forward into the future, this confirmation at the end of our first term off Glasdir Road gives me great confidence that we can face the challenges of the coming years with enthusiasm, pride and determination to continue the good work that goes on here. Have a great Summer and see you in September.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Year 6 Leavers – Best wishes to our Year 6 leavers. They treated us to a fabulous Leavers’ Service, full of humour, enthusiasm, talent and humiliation. Huge thanks to them all and to Mr. Davis for his Machiavellian preparations! It will be strange in September not to have them here with us, but I’m sure they’ll settle well in their new surroundings.

Reading Challenge – It was a pleasure to welcome Llinos from the Library Service this week. She outlined what this year’s Reading Challenge involves. Mischief Makers is the title and they are asked to visit three times and read at least six books. Please support your child in completing the challenge this summer.

Musical Showcase – Thank you to our musicians and rock choir for their performances on Monday evening. It was lovely to give everybody the opportunity to show off their skills. We heard pianists, drummers, violinists, guitarists, woodwind and brass. It was a real treat and it was great to hear the choir sing with such enthusiasm. Here’s to more musicianship next year!

Water Fight – The Year 6 water fight has now become a tradition and there was much merriment as the pupils drenched poor Mr Davis. I’m sure he gave as good as he got!

Thank You Karina – We were sad to hear this week that the school crossing patrol service had been discontinued outside the new site. We showed our appreciation to Karina this morning, thanking her for keeping us safe over recent years. Come rain or shine, she always crossed the school community with good cheer and a smile. Thank you Karina!

100% Attendance! – Much deserved awards of chocolate were shared with our 14 pupils who achieved 100% attendance at Rhos Street this academic year. Well done to Katie, Emma, Georgia, Morgan, Alexandros, Teddy, William, Seren, Benjamin, Ben, Barklay, Thomas, Alys and Willow.

School Dinners – A change in Denbighshire’s School Meal policy indicates that all school meals must be paid for in advance from now on. The new price is £2.20 or £11 for the week.

PTA – Huge thanks to Jayne and her team for all their fundraising efforts this year with the PTA. It is very much appreciated.

Rugby – Please see the attached poster regarding Ruthin Rugby’s forthcoming Registration Day.

Back to School – Although it irks me to mention the new term before the holiday has even started, may I just confirm that the school will reopen to welcome the pupils back on Wednesday, September 5th.

July 13th / Gorffennaf 13eg

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,
There is light at the end of the tunnel. With a week left of the busiest of years, we ready ourselves to say good bye to Year 6 and each teacher of course will spend their final few days with their class before they move up. Reports go out and the list of boxes to tick before end of term grows ever smaller, while the list for September already grows!

Mae golau ar ddiwedd y twnel. Gydag wythnos i fynd ar ôl y prysuraf o flynyddoedd, rydym yn barod i ddweud hwyl fawr i Flwyddyn 6 a bydd pob athro wrth gwrs yn treulio eu dyddiau olaf gyda’u dosbarth cyn iddynt symud i fyny. Mae adroddiadau’n mynd allan ac mae’r rhestr o flychau i dicio cyn diwedd y tymor yn lleihau, tra bod y rhestr ar gyfer mis Medi eisoes yn tyfu!

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Attendance – While we are delighted with our pupils’ achievements this year in their assessments and tests, one area which has taken the shine off this success, is the fact that our attendance has dipped this year. This is partly because of an increase in the amount of holidays taken by families in school time. However, additionally, there has also sadly been an increase of instances where parents have kept their children off school out of convenience, without there being a sufficient reason to do so. Not only is missing school going to directly impact on your child’s education, but the school will also be judged unfavourably for its attendance decreasing. Going forward, may I appeal to you all, in the interest of our pupils and the reputation of the school, that you consider carefully the impact on your child’s education if you are thinking of taking your child out of school and also, if they are not sick and are fit and well, that you under no circumstances keep them off school in future. A school is fully dependent on the support of its parents, so your co-operation here from now on, would be greatly appreciated.

End of Year Reports – End of year reports are being sent home today. I’d be grateful if you could fill the feedback sheet and return it to school next week. You may keep your copy of the report. The report is comprehensive, however, if, having read your child’s report, you feel that there is a need to discuss it further, then please inform us on Monday morning, so that we may arrange an appointment with your class teacher. Included with the report is attendance data and National Test results for Year 2-6. Year 2 and 6 will also receive their end of Key Stage Assessment Results.

Nursery and Giggles Family Service – It was certainly a treat to get to watch Giggles & Nursery’s Family Service this morning. In a packed hall, they worked through an extensive repertoire of mini beast songs, poems and nursery rhymes and everybody had a smile on their faces. Thank you to Eleri and Kelly, to Anna and her team for their work. We have some bright stars for the future among our youngest pupils.

Year 6 Trip – Year 6 are always fortunate to get to go on a trip that’s a bit different before they leave and this year was no different, with a highly enjoyable time had by all in Llangollen, paddle boarding.

Shoctober 2018 – As one of the lead schools taking part last year we are delighted to help out in promoting this year’s Shoctober event, encouraging more schools to take part and raise money for an AED.

Achievers – Students of the Week are Nursery and Giggles pupils, Sophia, Caitlin-Rose, Emma, Edan, Rebecca, Ruby, Maya, Finley and Liam. Welsh awards went to Katie, Kieran, Finley and Casi. Certificates went to Ffion, for piano;,to Seren, Llinos and Ruby for swimming. Isaac had a football trophy and Xander a lovely trophy for being awarded Denbighshire’s Primary School Music Pupil of the Year for playing the cornet so well.

Uniform Recycle – Please see the attached poster regarding this new initiative.

Ruthin Civic Association Visit – It was a pleasure to welcome and entertain members of the Ruthin Civic Association on a guided tour of the new site this week. A tree was planted to recognise the occasion.

Musical Showcase Concert – We look forward to giving our instrumentalists the chance to show off their skills in a concert after school on Monday. Remember your instruments!

Reading Challenge – The Library Service will visit next week to discuss the Summer Reading Challenge, which we of course expect our pupils to be committed to taking part.

Leavers’ Service – Year 6 will hold their Leavers’ Service in the hall on Wednesday at 1.30pm. Parents and relatives are of course welcome.

Dinner Money Next Year – Dinner money from September will increase to £2.20 per day.

Return of Instruments – Could any pupils discontinuing lessons at the school next year, plus of course our Year 6 leavers, please return their instruments to the school.

Living Classroom – Our living classroom is a resource that we are hugely excited about and are keen to protect. While we are eager to allow members of the school community, including parents to find out more and have the chance to see the fantastic potential of this place after the Summer; may I ask the pupils to respect the site by not visiting or taking anybody there out of school in order to ensure it remains in good order, private and in the condition we want it to remain going forward. Many thanks. We will organise an opportunity for all to view this resource in the Autumn Term.

Canteen Seaside Day – On Wednesday there will be a seaside themed lunch, including fish and chips, ice cream and cold drinks.

Payment of Monies – It would be really helpful and we’d be really grateful if you could ensure that all outstanding debts are settled on Monday, so we can get everything sorted by the end of term. This includes dinners, music lessons and any payment for trips. Your cooperation would be very much appreciated.

July 6th / Gorffennaf 6ed

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,
There is proper World Cup fever this weekend. It’s quarter final time and it’s been funny to hear a buzz in the corridor about the fantastic matches we’ve been treated to this week. There was also a World Cup themed tournament this week for Years 3 and 4 in Chester. What a fantastic partnership this has turned out to be with Chester FC and I’d say that even if I wasn’t a fan of the great club!

Mae cwpan y byd ar flaen tafod pawb. Mae’r plant y siarad gyda cyffro yn y coridorau! Roedd cystadleuaeth Cwpan y Byd i blant Blwyddyn 3 a 4 yr wythnos yma yng Nghaer. Mae wedi troi allan yn bartneriaeth gwych ac mi faswn yn dweud yr un fath, hyd yn oed os na faswn yn gefnogwr!

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Music Showcase – Our instrumentalists will perform after school on Monday, July 16th (note the new date) The rock choir will also sing. It should be a great occasion. All welcome! 3.30pm

New Nursery Parents and Transition – We were pleased to welcome new Nursery parents this week for a chat and our new pupils today for our transition day. Here’s to a long and fruitful partnership. All classes moved up to be with their new teachers this morning! Exciting times!

Year 6 Trip – Year 6 are off to Llangollen on their trip next Tuesday. It should be an action packed day. Could all payments be made via Parent Pay promptly please.

Year 2/ 3 Transition – Parents of Year 2 pupils are invitied at 9.15 am to join with us in a special transition session next Thursday.

Family Fun Day – See the attached details regarding a Family Fun Day in Ruthin on July 29th

Outstanding Monies – Could all payments for trips, music and dinner be paid as soon as possible.

June 29th / Mehefin 29ain

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,
It promises to be a very Summery Fair this week and I hope everybody has a fantastic time. It begins at 3.30 on Friday until 5pm. The children have been busy, extending their financial management projects, fitting the preparation of a stall once again into their busy schedule. It is a very worthwhile exercise which gives the handling of money real purpose.

Mae’n mynd i fod yn Ffair Haf heulog iawn. Mae’n dechrau am 3.30yh tan 5yh. Mae’r plant yn brysur gyda’u prosiectau rheoli cyllid ac mae’n weithgaredd gwerthfawr iawn sy’n rhoi pwrpas real wrth ddelio gyda arian.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Sports Day – We had a successful first Sports Day at the new site. Both events were concluded swiftly in the baking heat and the children gave their all, supported one another and behaved well. It was great to see so many of the school community enjoying the sunshine. Thank you to all the staff for facilitating the smooth running of the event, to the PTA for the refreshments and to Tomos for the generator. The Blue Team were victorious in the Foundation Phase and the Red Team in the Junior event. Well done to everybody. I doubt there will ever be a hotter Sports Day!

Llangollen Trip – On Tuesday, Years 1 and 2 visit Llangollen’s Eisteddfod. They set off at 8.45am, so please ensure the children are in school by then. They will return at 3.30pm and require a packed lunch, lots of drinks, a hat, sun cream applied and no more than £5 spending money. The Arts Council of Wales grant has helped fund this activity.

Reception Family Service – We had a marvellous Family Service from the Reception Class who shared their love of books and literary characters with enthusiasm, charm and good humour. They certainly wowed the parents and relatives present and looked magnificent in their costumes. Thanks to Mrs Bourne and her staff for their hard work preparing the children.

Lost in Art – Year 5 pupils had a very worthwhile experience at the Craft Centre in The Lost in Art project where pupils get to work on art projects in conjunction with people suffering from dementia. They have all been trained to be Friends of Dementia and we are grateful of the opportunity to be involved in a fabulous community project like this.

Outdoor Learning – Since we have been able to take advantage of the outdoor classroom at our new facilities, the Foundation Phase pupils are having some wonderful experiences outdoors.

Music Showcase – On Friday, July 13th, we will hold a Music Showcase straight after school, for our musicians who have lessons on site. Our Rock Choir will also sing a few numbers and we warmly welcome parents to enjoy the many talents among our pupils.

Parking – If you are parking in residential areas when you drop off your children, please park thoughtfully and help us keep relations positive with our new neighbours. Many thanks.

Year 3 and 4 Football – On Wednesday next week, Year 3 and 4 pupils take part in a World Cup themed tournament in Chester, run by our partners Chester FC. Could parents of those selected please confirm if they are available to help with transport. Please refer to the letter sent home.

Year 6 Transition – Year 6 have been to Brynhyfryd this week for a PE afternoon as part of transition arrangements with the Secondary School.

Art Project – Next week will see all full time classes work with Elizabeth Jones as she concludes her successful creative art project for this academic year.

Meeting for new Nursery Parents – We welcome new members to the school community this week. Parents of our 30 new Nursery pupils joining us in September, visit on Monday for their first meeting.

Transition Day – Next Friday is Transition Day, so for the morning, the pupils will visit their new classes for the next academic year.

Music Tuition Payment and Lessons Next Year – Please see the attached letter regarding music lessons for 2018-19. Also, parents of pupils having lessons this year should refer to the letters sent home which specify the exact amount needed to be paid on Parent Pay for music lessons.

June 22nd / Mehefin 22ain

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,
With a week gone at the World Cup, I hope each class has been following the teams they’ve been given to keep an eye on. There’s a real sense of industry and activity at the moment with trips, visits and projects being tackled aplenty. One notable project, is one all classes are preparing in advance of the Summer Fayre, sorting out a stall as part of their financial management work.
Gyda wythnos wedi mynd yng Nghwpan y Byd, gobeithio bod pawb yn dilyn y timau y maent wedi cael i gadw llygad arnynt. Mae yna ymdeimlad o ddiwydiant a gweithgarwch yma ar hyn o bryd, gyda theithiau, ymweliadau a phrosiectau yn cael cymryd lle. Un prosiect nodedig yw un mae pob dosbarth yn paratoi, cyn y Ffair Haf, i drefnu stondin fel rhan o’u gwaith rheoli ariannol.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Girls’ Football Festival – Our two girls’ teams had an enjoyable and busy morning at the Football Festival in Denbigh. We are very grateful to Chester Football Club for their input and support today as well as over recent weeks. They’ve given girls’ football at the school a real boost.

Year 1 Family Service – A huge thank you to Year 1 for a fabulous Family Service this morning. They performed to a standard beyond their years. Thank you to parents and relatives for their support this morning in a packed hall and also of course to Miss Bevan and to Becky for their work preparing the pupils.

Cross Country – We have received the Cross Country results and were able to present Christian with his silver medal for coming 2nd in the Year 5 and 6 boys’ race. He ran a great race and was unlucky to be pipped to the post. Well done also to our Year 3 and 4 boys and the Year 5 and 6 girls for coming 3rd in their category.

Active Travel Project – A big thank you to Gwen from Sustrans who led a day of scooter activities for all classes this week. It was very pleasing to see such a huge numbers of scooters and bikes outside the school that had been brought in by the pupils.

Achievers – Students of the Week, were all of Reception, All of Class 1, Emilie, Beau, Theo, Grace, Milly, Tyler and Laura. Welsh awards went to Teddy and Georgia. Swimming certificates were awarded to Daniel, Charlie, Alys and Jenson. Xander, also received his grade 5 cornet certificate. Well done to all of them!

Reception Class Trip – The Reception Class had a fabulous time down at the park yesterday. I’m sure they’ll have some great memories of their day out.

PTA Summer Fair & T-Shirt Monday – Any help with the Summer Fair next Friday would be appreciated. The t-shirt day has now been moved to Monday, where pupils are asked to donate chocolate for the tombola. The Fair will now begin at 3.30pm. See twitter for a poster.

Sports Day – Sports Day has been rescheduled for Tuesday. There will be tea and coffee served. As the school is promoting all things eco-friendly, you are welcome to bring your own cups/mugs. The Infants’ event will be held in the morning with the Juniors’ event in the afternoon.

Sympathies – Some members of our school community have suffered a tragic bereavement and we send our heartfelt condolences. You may wish to visit https://www.gofundme.com/help-us-give-mark-the-send-off

Ruthin Festival – See twitter for the poster regarding the children’s concert, in which we have a number of pupils taking part. It takes place on Thursday next week from 7pm. I will provide more specific times nearer to the event.

After School Football – The girls football club, as of this week has moved to a Thursday. £1 per session.

Year 3 Trip – I hope Year 3 have had a fabulous day in Bodfari today. I’m sure there will be photos on twitter soon.

Lost in Art – On Monday, some Year 5 pupils will take part in a Lost in Art workshop, following up the activity last week, in which they were trained to become Dementia Friends.

Ysgol Rhewl – Ysgol Rhewl are holding a goodbye event which is also celebrating their Centenary. A poster with details has been posted to our twitter account.

Year 6 Leavers’ Party – Year 6 parents have organised and will be running a special farewell party for our leavers at the end of term. A poster including all details has been posted to our twitter account.

Year 3 Creative Project – The creative project with Elizabeth Jones had a very strong ICT theme this week, as the pupils made animations using clay. They were very creative and very sophisticated, using stop motion skills. Before the Summer all the other classes will spend a morning with Elizabeth as she co-constructs a special piece of art that will grace the reception area.

Year 2 Transition – I called in on Year 2 yesterday, to see how they were enjoying their transition sessions with Miss Davies, in advance of their move into the Juniors in September. They looked very much at home and I think they will be fine next year!

Reception Family Service – The Reception Class will hold their Family Service next Thursday morning at 9am. Parents and relatives are of course welcome.

Year 6 PE Transition – Year 6 will attend a transition PE afternoon at Brynhyfryd next Thursday afternoon. We will walk them there over lunchtime, but could all children be picked up from Brynhyfryd at the end of the day please.

Year 4 Ruthin Festival Performance – On Friday afternoon next week, Year 4 will attend a special show about Owain Glyndwr in Awelon, as part of the Ruthin Festival activities.

Leavers’ Blessing – Also on Friday afternoon, Year 6 will attend St. Peter’s Church for the Leavers’ Blessing. Parents and relatives are also welcome. It starts at 1.30pm.

Tempest Photos – Could all orders for the Year 6 photo, please be sent in by Monday.

Nant BH – Current Year 5 pupils have now been offered the remaining places for the trip to Nant BH after the Summer. Please visit Parent Pay to pay the deposit if you wish your child to attend.

PTA Leaflet – Sent home, is a leaflet regarding purchasing name stickers for uniform and items belonging to your child. Any purchases will win the PTA commission so please quote the number provided on any orders you may make.

Y Bedol – Every month, we submit news and photos to Welsh medium local paper ‘Y Bedol’. Take a look at this month’s edition for some great pieces of Welsh writing from our Upper Juniors.

PTA Class Photos – Attached, you will find details of how to order class photos that have been taken by the PTA.

Music Lessons – A letter will be sent home next week, asking for you to indicate if you wish your child to receive music lessons in the 2018-19 academic year.

Giggles – Take a look at twitter for some great pictures of our Gigglers in a floating and sinking activity.

June 15th / Mehefin 15fed

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,
There are lots of activities to fit in between between now and the school year. As you’ll have seen from the list in last week’s newsletter, it’s very busy – so hopefully we can fit everything in before the days run out! World Cup fever is here and everybody has their groups to support over the next month or so.

Mae llawer o weithgareddau i’w cwblhau cyn diwedd tymor. Fel a restrwyd yn y cylchlythyr diwethaf, mae’n gyfnod prysur, felly gobeithio y gallwn gwblhau popeth! Mae pawb yn gyffrous bod Cwpan y Byd wedi cychwyn ac mae gan bawb eu timau a’u grwpiau I gefnogi dros y mis nesaf.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Swimming Gala – There was fabulous effort and superb behaviour from our swimming squad last week in the Vale of Clwyd Swimming Gala. I was told they were an absolute credit, so well done to all.

Year 5 Transition – Year 5 had an industrious morning in Brynhyfryd as part of the transition arrangements, which now of course take place over two years. The focus was on literacy and they arrived back at school enthused and excited.

Road Safety Conference – Joshua and Flo took part in some super activities in the Road Safety Conference last week.

Cross Country – We are still yet to receive medals for this event, but we hope to announce the results in Monday’s assembly.

Year 3 Family Service – Year 3’s Family Service last week was very well received. They spoke at length and in depth about their creative project. A big thank you to parents and relatives, as well as to Miss Davies for her hard work in preparing the children. Additional thanks also go to Elizabeth Jones for bringing the project to life for the benefit of the parents.

Year 2 Family Service – Year 2 gave an enthusiastic, well drilled Family Service on the theme of diversity and also developing a Growth Mindset. It was lively, colourful and fun and was certainly appreciated by all parents who attended. Thanks to Mrs Liddy and Jill for their preparations.

Jersey Visit – We were honoured to welcome some special visitors from Jersey this week, who were seeking to learn from us about how to teach a second language and go on to develop a similar model on their island.

Lost in Art – Today, Year 5 took part in a Lost in Art project, which will train them up to be a Dementia Friend.

Sustrans Visit – Sustrans Cymru is leading the way when it comes to helping Wales become a nation where walking and cycling are the normal way of getting about for local journeys. On Monday, they are running some special activities using scooters. If your child has an operational scooter, please bring it in on Monday

Girls’ Football Tournament – Good luck to our girls who are taking part in a festival on Tuesday. Thanks to Chester FC for their support with this activity and to the parental helpers for the transport to Denbigh.

Sports Day – Sports Day is on Wednesday and will take place on the fields by Ruthin Town Football Club. Please bring your own chairs and blankets. Foundation Phase will be in the morning with the Juniors in the afternoon.

Ruthin Festival – In support of Ruthin Festival, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, there will be an own clothes day next Friday for £1 each. We are also taking part in the festival on the evening of the 28th. A separate letter has been sent home to those interested.

Summer Fair – In order to provide chocolate for the tombola in the forthcoming Summer Fair on the 29th June, we are holding a T-shirt Tuesday on June 26th and ask children to bring in a chocolate donation. Please see the attached poster regarding this event. There is a PTA Meeting here in school to discuss this event at 3.30pm on Thursday next week.

Ruthin Town Football Tournament – Well done to the two teams who took part last Saturday. Our Year 6 team reached the semi-finals and the Year 3&4 team won on penalties in the final against Pen Barras. Huge congratulations to them. There were some great performances all round!

London Trip – Xander and Ruby had a fabulous day in London, where they got to visit Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square, among many other places. Thanks go to Rev. Stuart for facilitating and to Leanne for chaperoning our two successful pupils.

Achievers – Today’s Students of the Week were Daniel, Jacob, William, all of Year 2, Benjamin, Katie, Jack, Edan and Ieuan. Welsh awards went to Lilly and Amelia. Seren and Laura received dance grade certificates, Mia and Georgia swimming certificates, Olivia, Illy, Kody and Morgan football trophies and medals.

Year 1 Family Service – Next Friday, it’s Year 1’s turn to deliver their Family Service. Parents and relatives are welcome at 9am.

Twitter – It’s been another busy week on twitter for the @rhosstreet account. Take a look!

Tempest – Could all orders for Year 6 photos be sent by next Friday please.

Email Confirmation – Please send in your email confirmation forms if you have not yet done so.

June 8th / Mehefin 8fed

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,

A full newsletter with pictures will be sent home next week, with news about swimming, trips, and other sports events that have also taken place since half term.

Chester FC – Chester FC hold their final session during the school day on Friday. However, they will continue their Girls’ After School Football Club, but from the following week move to a Thursday from 3.30-4.15pm. It is requested that for this block of sessions, running until the Summer break that each child sends in a contribution of £1 per session.

PTA Quiz – Don’t forget, it’s the PTA Quiz tonight at The Feathers, starting at 8pm. Good luck everybody!

Ruthin Town Football Tournament – Good luck also to our two teams competing in the tournament tomorrow morning.

Family Service – Thank you to Year 3 for their Family Service this morning. See next week’s newsletter and twitter for pictures.

London Trip – Best wishes to Ruby and Xander on their trip to London on Tuesday. They visit Westminster Abbey as well as The Houses of Parliament among other landmarks, as part of their prize for winning in the recent Ruthin Town Parishes Competition.

Visitors from Jersey – We welcome some special visitors from Jersey next week, who are seeking to learn from us about how to teach a second language.

Year 2 Family Service – Next Friday, it’s Year 2’s turn to deliver their Family Service. Parents and relatives are welcome at 9am.

Year 5 Lost in Art Project – Next Friday, Year 5 will take part in a Lost in Art project, which will train them up to be a Dementia Friend.

Year 5 Transition – Year 5 will visit Brynhyfryd next week to take part in a special Literacy morning.

Year 2 Transition – Next week, our annual project facilitating Year 2’s transition to The Juniors begins. A separate letter has been sent home regarding this.

Diary Dates – Please see overleaf for the provisional dates for this term.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Provisional Diary Dates, with more to be added no doubt!

June 8th – PTA Quiz 8pm The Feathers
June 9th – Ruthin Town Football Tourmament
June 11th – Chester FC last afternoon session
June 12th – London Trip
June 12th – Jersey Schools’ Visit
June 14th – World Cup Starts
June 14th – Year 5 Transition Brynhyfryd Literacy morning
June 14th – Year 2/3 Transition Project begins
June 15th – Year 2 Family Service
June 15th – Lost in Art – Year 5
June 18th – Sustrans in to do cycle skills
June 19th – Girls’ Football Festival in Frongoch am
June 20th – Sports Day
June 21st – Year 2/3 Transition Project Session 2
June 21st – Chester FC After School Club restarts for girls
June 21st – Reception trip to the park
June 22nd – Own Clothes For Ruthin Festival £1
June 22nd – Year 1 Family Service
June 22nd – Year 3 Trip to Bodfari
June 26th – Reserve Sports Day
June 28th – Reception Family Service
June 28th – Year 6 PE afternoon Brynhyfryd
June 28th – Year 2 / 3 Transition – Session 3
June 28th – Ruthin Festival Concert (evening)
June 29th – Summer Fair
June 29th – Year 6 Leavers’ Blessing St. Peter’s Church
July 2nd – New Nursery Parents’ Meeting 1.30pm
July 3rd – Year 1 & 2 Llangollen Trip
July 6th – Transition Day all classes
July 12th – Year 2/3 Transition Parental Session
July 13th – Giggles and Nursery Family Service
July 13th – Reports Sent Home
July 18th – Leavers’ Service 1.30pm
July 20th – End of Term