March 2nd / Mawrth 2ail

Dear Parents / Carers,
As you’ll be fully aware, we had to close today because of the snow. I think everybody appreciates it was a necessary step and I hope the pupils are putting the extra free time to good use, making snowmen, throwing snowballs and having a wonderful time. Apologies for the inconvenience that this inevitably causes. With the Cardiff trip next week, I wanted to get a newsletter out today and fingers crossed, the weather won’t from now on disrupt school activities and the building work going on down at Glasdir of course. Have a great weekend, keep warm and stay safe!

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Urdd Eisteddfod – Saturday was a long but proud day as every single one of our competitors represented the school with distinction. Scroll down our feed on twitter to see the fantastic results we received. The next round is on March 17th. Dancers have different dates and when they have been rescheduled, I will let you know.

Cardiff Visit – I’m sure there is a little uneasiness among parents and pupils regarding the Cardiff trip next week. Looking ahead at the weather, I’m hoping things will clear enough to ensure that this visit for Years 5 and 6 pupils on Monday to Wednesday next week, remains unaffected. Please refer to the letters sent home this week for full details. I’ll post a copy of the letter on twitter in case it has not reached you. Please ensure your child is on the yard for 7.50am on Monday and hopefully we will have a clear undisrupted visit, because the itinerary is very interesting indeed!

Lead Creative Schools Project – Year 3 began a special project this week with Elizabeth Jones. They are taking advantage of an opportunity provided through an Arts Council of Wales grant and have this week been looking back at their memories of the school. There are lots of photos on twitter of their activities.

Year 5 CSI Project
– Year 5 visited Brynhyfryd this week as part of transition arrangements. They took part in a special CSI Ruthin project and they used scientific skills to solve a terrible crime that took place at their prospective Secondary School.

Money Sense – The Upper Juniors as part of our aim to develop financial education skills, welcomed Mr Monks from Nat West. He ran a special Money Sense session to help them understand financial management.

Chester FC Training Sessions – We will keep an eye on the weather of course, but Years 3 and 4 will be receiving a special football session from Chester FC on Monday afternoon. Wrap up warm!

Library Visit
– Year 4 will visit Ruthin Library on Thursday morning next week to meet, question and listen to the author Damian Harvey. I’m sure it will be a fascinating experience.

Year 4 Family Service – As we had to postpone this morning’s Family Service for Year 4, we have rescheduled for next Friday at 9am. Parents and relatives welcome!

St. David’s Day – The snow didn’t deter our pupils dressing in National Costume, sports kit nor from wearing daffs and leeks yesterday. I hope you all had a lovely St. David’s Day! Cymru am byth!

February 23rd 2018 Chwefror 23ain

Dear Parents & Carers,

A positive first week closes after our half term break.  I must say that our new logo was launched on Wednesday with bated breath, as you’re never sure how these things will be received.  However, the overwhelmingly positive reaction was very welcome, reinforcing what a supportive, engaged and appreciative school community we have. It is important to recognise that important fact. It is Eisteddfod week and we will be proud of our competitors tomorrow.  We have also had further meetings this week regarding ICT and furniture at the new building.  Everything sounds very positive and exciting.  You’ll see below that we have an exceedingly busy few days next week, with lots going on.  We will also be receiving crates to begin sorting through and packing away things for transportation.  The few weeks ahead are definitely a time for everybody to have a positive, flexible mindset.  There will be challenges to face as we prepare to move and adapt afterwards in our new building, but a co-operative, supportive and positive approach from all will I’m sure, facilitate a successful move for Rhos Street School.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Logo – Our new logo has now been unveiled.  We hope you like it! Huge thanks to graphic designer Robert Davis for his work liaising with his son Mr. Davis, following all of the ideas provided by the pupils over the last few months. It’s been a truly collaborative effort!

We will adopt the logo after Easter and school jumpers sold from then on, will incorporate the new design.  However, there is no requirement for you to buy a new school jumper until it is necessary.  It is not expected, nor is there any pressure to do so.

Parent Pay – Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that the introduction of Parent Pay has been a smooth one.  If you are yet to register, then please do so at your earliest convenience.

Parents Evening – Times for next week’s parental consultations have been sent out this week.  If there are any problems with the time allocated, please get in touch with the school office.

Chromebooks – Our Chromebooks are up and running! We are also asking for businesses to consider sponsoring us. Each Chromebook costs about £200. With each Chromebook, we are buying licenses and a charging trolley to store them. In exchange for a business sponsoring a Chromebook, we will advertise the business on the Chromebook and in our newsletter. If you are interested or you know of someone who may be interested, please get in touch with the PTA (, or ask in School. Any help would be hugely appreciated and we are grateful to those who have supported us so far.

Writing Workshop – Before half term, we welcomed Mr Matthias, who delivered a creative writing workshop to some of the Year 5 and 6 children.  Earlier in the day, he learned all about how we used technology in the school and was suitably impressed with what he saw!

Chinese New Year – Thanks to Lyn and her team for providing a tasty Chinese New Year lunch this week.  It went down a treat!

Achievers – Students of the Week were Daniel, Emi-Lee, Oliver, Jos, Christian, Laura, Finlay, Emilie, Seren and Urte.  Welsh awards went to Alexander, Jack, Xander, Flo, Katie, Mia and Cain.  Xander received a brass certificate, Laura grade 1 piano, Emma grade 1 dance and Daniel a host of swimming awards. Well done to all concerned.

Premier League Primary Stars – On Monday afternoon, we welcome the coaches of esteemed local side Chester FC, who will provide some sessions for Year 5 and 6 pupils, with other sessions for other classes planned on subsequent Mondays.  This is part of the school’s involvement in the Premier League Primary Stars programme, which is an exciting initiative providing some really worthwhile opportunities for the pupils.  We are delighted to be involved in this partnership and please see the additional flier, promoting forthcoming matches involving Chester FC in their relegation battle!

Moneysense – As part of our aim to develop financial management skills among our pupils, Nat West will visit on Monday to provide Years 5 and 6 with a special MoneySense session.

Butterfly Project – On Tuesday, Reverend Stuart will visit to speak to the classes about Ruthin Town Parishes forthcoming butterfly project leading up to Easter.

Mothers Day Pictures – Next week’s Free Press will include the pupils’ Mother’s Day pictures.

Intergenerational Event – Next Wednesday, Year 6 will be taking part in a session where some of the older members of our community visit the school and share their memories of the past.  This has been organised in conjunction with Age Connects.

Year 5 Transition – On Wednesday afternoon, Year 5 will visit Ysgol Brynhyfryd for an activity as part of transition arrangements before the move to secondary school in 18 months time!

Reception Class Mask Making – Before half term, the Reception Class were very creative making rather fetching masks.

Minibeast Project – Year One have embarked on a new project this term – Minibeasts!  They went on a visit to the park in order to learn more and I’m sure there are lots of very interesting activities planned for over the next few weeks!

Lead Creative Schools Project – Year 3 are involved in a special creative project over the next few weeks.  This project will then develop into a whole school effort after the Summer.  They will be working with local artist Elizabeth Jones on a project called evolve and expressing themselves artistically, while looking back at the old Rhos Street School building, before looking forward to their new home at the new Rhos Street School site.

St. David’s Day – March 1st is St. David’s Day, of course and the pupils are as ever encouraged to come in dressed for the occasion.  I’m sure we’ll see National Costumes, rugby, football shirts, leeks and daffodils aplenty.  I’m sure everybody will look magnificent and proud to be Welsh!

World Book Day – Although World Book Day is ‘officially’ also on March 1st, our usual celebration of all things fictional will take place on Friday the 2nd. As is traditional, pupils can come to school dressed as a literary character, but as ever, there is no pressure to go out and buy costumes.  Make it work for you!

Year 4 Family Service – Next Friday will see Year 4 deliver their Family Service at 9am. Parents and relatives are welcome.

February 9th 2018 Chwefror 9fed

Dear Parents / Carers,
So, half term already then. Amazing isn’t it? It’s been a short period that has once again flown and the run up to Easter will be equally brief, with lots planned as the diary dates below testify. On top of that you add the move, so I think I’ll go and sit in a dark room for a bit and get my head round it all! Have a great week and see you on the 19th!

Annwyl Rieni / Gwarchodwyr,
Mae’n syndod bod hanner tymor yma’n barod. Mae wedi bod yn gyfnod byr ac mi fydd yr wythnosau hyd y Pasg yr un mor sydyn, gyda llawer ar y gweill fel mae’r dyddiadau isod yn tystio. Ar ben hyn rydym yn symud i Glasdir, felly dwi’n mynd i eistedd mewn ystafell dywyll i geisio hel meddyliau! Mwynhewch yr wythnos a gwelwn ni chi gyd et oar 19eg.

Eco Planting – An exciting eco project was started last week with Year 5. Denbighshire Countryside Service manages a piece of land near the Glasdir estate for wildlife interest and in particular for two priority species, the otter and the water vole – two of the UK’s fastest declining mammals. Our pupils got to plant some trees and wildflower plugs. They will also be responsible for monitoring wildlife at the location with Go Pro cameras and other technology and a hide has been built to help with this.

Twitter – It’s been a busy week on twitter for the school with lots of updates for you to enjoy. We had 51,000 views over the last 28 days! @rhosstreet

Parent Pay – Please refer to the letter sent home to register for our new online payment service, if you have not yet done so. Please note, we will no longer be accepting cheques or cash for dinner money after half term.

Year 3 Swimming – Year 3 will be going swimming on Thursday afternoons after half-term for their block of sessions

Pancake Races – Please see the attached details and sponsor form regarding the annual Pancake Races which take place over half term. The event takes place on Ruthin Square, Tuesday, February 13th from 11.30am. Funds raised go towards Ty Croeso.

Fire Safety – Years 2 and 5 enjoyed some lively and interactive fire safety presentations this week that sent out a strong message. Thank you to the fire service for providing the sessions.

Safer Internet Day – The pupils have been undertaking activities this week to recognise Safer Internet Day. How esafe do you think you are as a parent? Find out how you score in this quiz for parents by answering 7 simple questions.
Digital Leaders have been appointed in each class and we’ll post a photo of them all next newsletter.

Achievers – Students of the Week were Aiden, Hakeem, Barkley, Beau, Stacey, James, Lily, Iwan and Andrew. Theo received a Welsh award and Katelyn a gym medal.

PTA Charity Status – Good news! The PTA is now a Registered Charity, number 1176984. We continue to raise money for Chromebooks, having already purchased 15 for use in school. We are also asking for businesses to consider sponsoring us. Each Chromebook costs about £200. With each Chromebook, we are buying licenses and a charging trolley to store them. In exchange for a business sponsoring a Chromebook, we will advertise the business on the Chromebook and in our newsletter. If you are interested or you know of someone who may be interested, please get in touch with the PTA (, or ask in School. Any help would be hugely appreciated and we are grateful to those who have supported us so far.

Provisional Diary Dates
Feb 19th – School reopens
Feb 23rd – Eco planting
Feb 24th – Urdd Eisteddfod
Feb 26th – Nat West Moneysense session for Years 5 and 6
Feb 26th – Year 5 and 6 Football Sessions with Chester FC
w/b Feb 26th – Parental consultations
Feb 27th – Rev. Stuart visit to speak about butterfly project
Feb 28th – Special Art Project for Year 3 begins
Feb 28th – Year 5 visit to Brynhyfryd
Feb 28th – Year 6 Intergenerational event with Age Connects
Mar 1st – St. David’s Day
Mar 2nd – Year 4 Family Service
Mar 5th-7th – Cardiff Trip
Mar 5th – Year 3 and 4 Football Sessions with Chester FC
Mar 8th – Year 4 Library visit to meet an author
Mar 9th – Rev Stuart takes service
Mar 12th – Juniors Visit St. Peter’s Church
Mar 12th – Year 1 and 2 Football Sessions with Chester FC
Mar 16th – Year 3 Family Service
Mar 17th – Urdd Eisteddfod
Mar 19th – Farewell Event 2.30pm
Mar 20th – Cross Country
Mar 21st – School Closes for Easter (pupils only)
Mar 22nd – Urdd County Dance Eisteddfod (from 4pm)

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

February 2nd 2018 Chwefror 2ail

Dear Parents / Carers,

The hard work of our pupils, staff, Governors, parents and community has once again been deservedly recognised this week, as the annual School Categorisation results were published. For the fourth year since its inception, we have been awarded Green status and the image below highlights what that means. We are very proud to have been able to maintain this top grading and are also eager to continue in the same vein going forward.

Website Launch – I am pleased to announce that we have a new website, which is to be found at the same web address as our previous one. Thank you to Nick Ferguson of A5PC computer services who has created a user friendly web space for you, which links well to all our online platforms. I hope you enjoy browsing its pages.

A footballing partnership – We have partnered up with Chester FC through the ‘Premier League Primary Stars’ scheme. After half term they will hold some special sessions with each class and also provide some interesting additional activities over the rest of the academic year. We look forward to working with a club which is close to my heart!

Achievers – Our Students of the Week are Milo, Llinos, Mikolaj, Ruby, Kian, Urte, Katelyn, Theo and Seren. Benjamin, Emma, Lottie and Laura received Welsh awards. Alys and Maizie had gym certificates, while Daniel and James had ones for swimming.

Giggles – The children are celebrating Chinese New Year and 2018 is the year of the dog. They have been counting golden coins to match to Chinese numbers and have made decorative lanterns. We have been role-playing the zodiac animals in our masks and dancing through the Nursery to Chinese music. The children are also enjoying playing in the ‘Giggles Noodle Bar’. Next week, they’ll paint Chinese writing with fine brushes and finish off CNY with a fun filled celebration involving golden coins, oranges and fortune cookies.

Glasdir – Year One were very excited about their visit to Glasdir this week. Every day, there is something new to see there.

Urdd Eisteddfod & Art Competition – I have today been finalising Urdd entrants ahead of the deadline. We have individual recitations, group recitations, instrumentalists, a choir and a dance group, so it’ll be a busy couple of weeks preparing. The classes will also be discussing the Urdd art competition and the possibilities regarding the theme of ‘Myths and Fables.’ Please be aware that pupils will have to be Urdd members to submit entries to the art competition.

Introduction of Parent Pay – You will have no doubt seen the communication sent out earlier this week regarding our new online payment service Parent Pay, which will be launched after half term. Hopefully the leaflet will have explained everything to you. Payments for dinners, trips and music lessons from then on will need to be made via the log in you will receive next week.

Cardiff – Could all consent, health forms and balances be sent into school for this trip before half term please.

Purple Mash – As we strive to further develop the ICT skills of our pupils we have subscribed to an excellent online platform which comprehensively covers all of the areas of the new digital competency framework for our pupils. All pupils have been given an individual log in, which they can access at home and I encourage them to do so. Remember they also have a Manga High log in which is also a wonderful tool to reinforce and extend knowledge in Maths.

Rhos Street School Memories – You may well have seen on the PTA Facebook page or on Twitter our appeal for any old photos and memories that can be sent either to the office or to This is to help us hold an event on the afternoon of Monday, March 19th to say farewell to the Rhos Street site. The pupils will be taking part in some project work on the history of the school and the school community can see what they’ve been doing, while also viewing the building for one last time.

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

January 26th 2018 Ionawr 26eg

Dear Parents / Carers,

New Pupils – We have been delighted to welcome many new pupils this term. Lilly, Brandon, Barkley and Stacey have all settled in really well and next week we look forward to welcoming Seren and Llinos. Places are filling up fast as we near the move to Glasdir!

Breakfast Club – Thank you for your co-operation with the new arrangements for dropping off at Breakfast Club. They have worked very well and will now continue until we move to Glasdir.

Eisteddfod Pieces – Poems for respective age groups have been shared with the pupils today. I hope they make every effort to learn them and that many volunteer to compete in the Urdd Eisteddfod, with the first round taking place on Saturday, February 24th at Brynhyfryd.

Glan Llyn – The visit this week was a big success. The pupils had a great ‘have a go’ attitude, their behaviour was exemplary and everybody had lots of fun. I’m sure the tweets reflected this fact. Thank you to Miss Davies and Leanne for taking such good care of them.

Achievers – Students of the Week were Joseph, Isaac, Emi-lee, Matthew, Benjamin, Georgia, Josh and all of Class 3. Welsh awards went to Class 3, William, Thomas, Sophie and Oliver. Emilee received a gym certificate, Georgia one for swimming and Alex received a triathlon award.

Football Festival – A team of footballers will compete in the festival next Thursday morning at Brynhyfryd.

Glasdir Visits – Years 5 and 1 will visit Glasdir next week on Monday and Tuesday respectively. However, for safety reasons and with many workmen on the busy site at the moment, the Nursery and Reception Class visits have been postponed until after half term.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

January 19th 2018 Ionawr 19eg

Dear Parents / Carers,

The term ahead will be extremely busy, as we juggle issues to do with the move hand in hand with all the everyday tasks involved with running a school. You will see that Denbighshire has provided a summary of arrangements regarding closing the school for pupils before the Easter break, to facilitate the move and the reasoning behind the decision, which has been taken following consultation with the Local Authority. I have also issued two other separate letters for your attention today. Please read and consider them carefully. As a final note, I hope Year 3 enjoy their visit to Glan Llyn next week.

Yours sincerely,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth.

Glasdir Visits – The pupils have been afforded the opportunity to visit the new site at Glasdir and this week Year 2 and Year 6 have had a preview of what will be awaiting them after Easter. Next week, Year 3, 4 and Reception will visit on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

Defibrilator – After all the great work fundraising, film making and all the media appearances last year, we were this week delighted to receive our defibrillator to serve the local community, which is currently kept in the reception area. A huge thank you to Julie Starling for her fantastic work co-ordinating all the people involved, including Achub Calon y Dyffryn.

Achievers – Our achievers were Brandon, Fletcher, Barkley, Urte, Alex and Casey. Welsh awards went to Alexandros, Indi, Darcie, Reuben, Steffi, Abbie and Nick. Gymnastics awards went to Ella-May, Daniel, Holly and Emi-Lee. Daniel also received a swimming certificate.

January 12th 2018 Ionawr 12fed

Dear Parents & Carers, Annwyl Rieni a Gwrarchodwyr,

Happy New Year to you all. The new term is quickly up and running and I trust everybody had a lovely break and enjoyed the festivities. Eyes now turn to the new challenges of 2018, with the move being at the forefront of everybody’s minds.

Contact Information – If you have had a new mobile phone for Christmas or indeed if there have been any changes to your contact information, please inform the office, so that we can update our records.

PTA Meeting – There will be a PTA meeting on Tuesday 16th at 3.30pm here at the school. All welcome.

Congratulations – Well done to Mrs. Lewis who heard before Christmas, that she has successfully completed her Masters qualification.

Glasdir Visits – There have been a number of visits scheduled over the next few weeks for our pupils to all have the opportunity to visit the Glasdir site. These will commence next week, when Year 6 visit on Wednesday and Year 2 on Friday.

Year 6 Transition – Year 6 have been invited to Brynhyfryd on Thursday morning for a History activity as part of transition arrangements.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Heateacher / Pennaeth