October 9th 2020 Hydref 9fed

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,

One thing that has delighted me since we started the school year, is that the pupils have been really engaged in recent themed weeks and this week’s National Libraries theme has been no different. Thank you for your photographic contributions. It’s been lovely to share examples of pupils reading to brothers, sisters, dogs, cats, fish, teddies and grannies in all manner of places. I hope it helps foster an ongoing love of reading, which will only help fire the imagination as well as develop Literacy skills ever further!

To see all of our pupils wearing a sticker with my face (and age) upon it today has also given me a giggle! I never thought my ‘Big Birthday’ would be recognised in such a way, but it’s certainly made me chuckle and I’m grateful to everybody for the good wishes! I’d also like to extend congratulations to Leanne who has also reached the same milestone – a couple of days before me too I might add! Many happy returns to her!

Un peth sydd wedi fy mhlesio ers i ni ddechrau’r flwyddyn ysgol yw, bod y disgyblion wedi cymryd rhan go iawn yn ystod yr wythnosau â thema ddiweddar ac nid yw thema Llyfrgelloedd Cenedlaethol yr wythnos hon wedi bod dim gwahanol. Diolch am eich cyfraniadau ffotograffig. Mae wedi bod yn hyfryd rhannu enghreifftiau o ddisgyblion yn darllen i frodyr, chwiorydd, cŵn, cathod, tedis a mam-gu ym mhob math o leoedd. Rwy’n gobeithio y bydd yn helpu i feithrin cariad parhaus at ddarllen, a fydd ond yn helpu i danio’r dychymyg yn ogystal â datblygu sgiliau llythrennedd ymhellach fyth!

Mae gweld pob un o’n disgyblion yn gwisgo sticer gyda fy ngwyneb (ac oedran) arno heddiw hefyd wedi gwneud i mi wenu! Wnes i erioed feddwl y byddai fy ‘Mhen-blwydd Mawr’ yn cael ei gydnabod yn y fath fodd, ond yn sicr mae wedi gwneud i mi chwerthin ac rwy’n ddiolchgar i bawb am y dymuniadau da! Hoffwn estyn llongyfarchiadau i Leanne sydd hefyd wedi cyrraedd yr un garreg filltir – cwpl o ddyddiau cyn fi hefyd! Pob dymuniad da iddi!

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Hello Yellow Day – Next Friday will be ‘Hello Yellow’ day. On this day, we will remember and celebrate Jill Jackson, our valued staff member who so sadly passed away twelve months ago. She was passionate about pupil wellbeing and helped launch our ELSA sessions – which have given many pupils emotional support over the years. On Friday, we ask pupils to come to school dressed in yellow and send in a £1 contribution to the Young Minds charity, which supports children’s mental health. We also ask our pupils to choose their favourite joke, which they will perform/recite in class (keep them short and clean!) We’ll also take some silly ‘photo booth’ photos with yellow props and hopefully there will be lots of laughs and smiles as we remember Jill. Finally, the Junior pupils plus staff will assemble in the garden area to open ‘Jill’s Bench’. This new bench surrounds the oak tree and will be a place where pupils can befriend, support and help one another in Jill’s memory. I am sure it will be a poignant day full of smiles.

National Libraries Week – If National Libraries has kick started reading at home this week for your family, please be aware that there is a free course available to parents, which offers guidance on how to support your child’s reading at home. Please visit the following link https://www.adultlearning.wales/en/course/40277. Enrolment is currently closed, but you can register future interest when places become available.

Halloween Competition – Please see the email’s attached image for details of Hill & Roberts’ Halloween Competition. Children are asked to make their own Halloween masks and email them to the address provided.

Music Lessons – Payment for music lessons has now been set up on Parent Pay. These payments are for lessons for this year and also for outstanding payments from last year. Many thanks.

PC Llinos – PC Llinos will make her first visit of the year on Wednesday and speak to all Junior classes.

Forthcoming Themed Weeks – The next few weeks will be themed as follows:
Week beginning October 12th – Hello Yellow Wellbeing Week
Week beginning October 19th – Harvest Week
Week beginning November 2nd – Have Your Say Week (Parliament Week)
Week beginning November 9th – Anti-Bullying Week

Wellingtons – Please ensure your child has a labelled pair of wellingtons in school. We want to utilize the fields as much as possible, so pupils need appropriate footwear when we do so. Many thanks

Students of the Week – Our Students of the Week recognised in this morning’s assembly were Florence, Elsie, Eve, Charlea, Daisy-Jane, Eva, Oscar, Leala, Charly, Tommy, Ethan, Kian and Brody. Well done to each and every one!

October 2nd 2020 Hydref 2ail

October 2nd 2020
Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,

While many school activities, particularly those taking place off-site have been restricted, recently we have had a couple of themed weeks, namely Recycle Week and Bike to School Week. I must say I have been delighted with the response. It has been wonderful to see the range, number and quality of different models made from recycling materials. Thank you for supporting your child at home with them and also for getting the photos to us. Participants have been rewarded today! I’ve also been very encouraged by the number of pupils who have cycled or scooted to school and have sent photos of themselves on their bikes. We’ve had some fun today testing if our cycle helmets are safe and also had some pictures taken. Thank you for supporting these themed activities. They’ve certainly helped to raise awareness of the importance of both recycling and active, healthy travel. I hope the messages remain at the forefront of our pupils minds going forward.

Er bod llawer o weithgareddau ysgol, yn enwedig y rhai sy’n digwydd oddi ar y safle wedi’u cyfyngu, rydym wedi cael wythnosau thema, sef Wythnos Ailgylchu ac Wythnos Beicio i’r Ysgol. Rhaid imi ddweud fy mod wedi gwirioni gyda’r ymateb. Mae wedi bod yn hyfryd gweld ystod, nifer ac ansawdd gwahanol fodelau wedi’u gwneud o ddeunyddiau ailgylchu. Diolch i chi am gefnogi’ch plentyn gartref gyda nhw a hefyd am gael y lluniau atom ni. Mae’r cyfranogwyr wedi cael eu gwobrwyo heddiw! Rwyf hefyd wedi fy nghalonogi’n fawr gan nifer y disgyblion sydd wedi beicio neu sgwtio i’r ysgol ac wedi anfon lluniau ohonyn nhw eu hunain ar eu beiciau. Rydyn ni wedi cael ychydig o hwyl heddiw yn profi a yw ein helmedau beicio yn ddiogel a hefyd wedi cael rhai lluniau. Diolch am gefnogi’r gweithgareddau thema hyn. Maent yn sicr wedi helpu i godi ymwybyddiaeth o bwysigrwydd ailgylchu a theithio egnïol, iach. Rwy’n gobeithio y bydd y negeseuon yn parhau i fod ar flaen meddyliau ein disgyblion wrth symud ymlaen.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Libraries Week – Next week’s theme is Libraries Week which takes place nationally from October 5-10th. We encouraged our pupils to take part in the Summer Reading Challenge, Silly Squad https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/, but have not yet taken the opportunity to celebrate their involvement. If your child completed the challenge during the holidays, please send/ email/tweet me a photo of them holding their certificate, along with perhaps their favourite book for me to share in next week’s virtual online assembly. We’ll look to highlight any activities involving authors, stories, novels and poems that are taking place in class on our Twitter page, so please keep an eye out and as before, please encourage your child to get involved. Many thanks – seeing photos of our pupils succeeding in various activities make for a much better view than seeing my face on screen!

PTA – It is unfortunate that the normal range of PTA activities cannot take place in the current circumstances. We still want to consider ideas for some PTA activities that work in the ‘new normal’, to share them and also communicate with parents who are interested. If you are a new parent or a current parent who would like to be kept in the loop with all things PTA, then please email rhosstreetpta@gmail.com, so that you can be added to the mailing list.

Breakfast Club – Numbers for Breakfast Club are healthy. This is a good thing as the service provides working parents with the support they need. However, during the current ongoing Covid-19 restrictions please do not send your child to Breakfast Club for any other reason other than for essential childcare purposes. This is in order to ensure we reduce potential congestion and help keep our contact groups distanced in the hall. Many thanks for your cooperation.

Bike to School – It was fabulous to see so many cycle helmets today. Check out Twitter for a great set of photos.

Recycling Week – You’ll also get to see a whole host of recycling models from our creative pupils on our Twitter page. They are fantastic!

Social Distancing and Local Lockdown – You will be aware that Denbighshire has had local lockdown restrictions imposed. This makes it ever more important we play our part to ensure that the virus does not spread, by following the guidelines. Please remain disciplined regarding socially distancing. 2 metres is what we as adults are asked to observe and it is quite a wide gap if you measure / visualise it. We need to be able to say with as much clarity as possible to any contact tracers who may consult with us that adults have maintained that distance. When you are picking up and dropping off, please be mindful of this by arriving on time and leaving promptly in order to reduce congestion. If you are waiting to meet others, please do not wait on pathways, but rather arrange to convene in an agreed area at the front of school away from the flow of human traffic. Many thanks once again.

Parents’ Evening – On the week beginning October 19th, we will hold parental consultations here at the school. We feel it is important to have a face to face meeting rather than a telephone call and will put measures in place so that it can be done safely. Appointment times will be shared in advance.

Twitter – There’s plenty on Twitter to look at once again. There are recycling models aplenty, as well as lots of Bike to School Week images that you’ve shared. There’s also pictures from our fire drill, Year 1 and 2 Welsh, as well as Numeracy and Literacy and ICT. You can also see guitar and cello lessons. If you’re yet to do so, follow us at https://twitter.com/rhosstreet.

Students of the Week – Our Students of the Week were Ella, Eden, Hugo, Isla, Nimrod, Eliza, Scarlet, Seren, Ruben, Poppy, Liam, Charlotte, Maya, Tyler, DanCJ, and Logan. Billy received a Welsh award and Daniel also received an Over and Above award, recognising he has become a free reader.

September 25th 2020 Medi 25ain

Dear Parents and Carers,

It’s been one of those weeks which has certainly driven the message home, that we still have a long way to go before we can talk about Covid-19 in the past tense. The ‘new normal’ is definitely here to stay for a while. While this is very frustrating and unfortunate, it makes it ever more important that we have things in place in order to react to circumstances as they arise. This week, staff have worked extremely hard to ensure that we are able to provide for our pupils both in school and at home if the need arises. As ever, I’m really grateful to them for the way they are responding to the range of challenges they face. Details regarding ‘Blended Learning’ have been emailed earlier this week, but I am copying them again below, for your reference and as a reminder. They are crucial as we face the challenge of ensuring we can catch up, support and accelerate the progress of our pupils going forward.

Mae wedi bod yn un o’r wythnosau hynny sydd yn sicr wedi gyrru’r neges adref bod gennym ffordd bell i fynd eto cyn y gallwn siarad am Covid-19 yn yr amser gorffennol. Mae’r ‘new normal’ yn bendant yma i aros am ychydig. Er bod hyn yn rhwystredig ac yn anffodus iawn, mae’n ei gwneud hi’n bwysicach fyth bod gennym bethau ar waith er mwyn ymateb i amgylchiadau wrth iddynt godi. Yr wythnos hon, mae staff wedi gweithio’n galed iawn i sicrhau ein bod yn gallu darparu ar gyfer ein disgyblion yn yr ysgol ac yn y cartref os bydd yr angen yn codi. Fel erioed, rwy’n ddiolchgar iawn iddynt am y ffordd y maent yn ymateb i’r heriau yma wrth iddynt esblygu. E-bostiwyd manylion yn gynharach yr wythnos hon, ond rwy’n eu copïo eto isod, er mwyn cyfeirio atynt ac fel nodyn atgoffa. Maent yn hanfodol wrth inni wynebu’r her o sicrhau y gallwn gefnogi, dal i fyny a chyflymu cynnydd ein disgyblion wrth symud ymlaen.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones
Headteacher / Pennaeth

Google Classroom, Purple Mash and Home Learning – You will be fully aware I’m sure, of the heightened concern regarding the increase of Covid-19 cases highlighted recently. We are mindful that this will inevitably impact upon us in some way here at Rhos Street School. One school in the Ruthin area has had to close this week, due to a confirmed case of Covid-19. In the current climate, all schools are of course advising parents of any pupils displaying symptoms, to isolate and organise a test. This means that we not only have to be prepared for the possibility of further restrictions, but also provide for those pupils who are unable to attend school because of isolation.

In the newsletter last Friday, I informed you that new Google Classrooms had been set up for the new classes. I can now confirm that all pupils in full time classes have been enrolled and set up to access their classroom. They are able to log-in here at school and also at home with a user name and password. The vast majority of you are already in possession of those credentials, but we are sending home Hwb/Google Classroom log-ins again, as well as those for Purple Mash inside reading records. Those details should have reached our Reception pupils, as well as any new pupils who have joined other year groups.

I’d be grateful if you could ensure those log-ins work on the devices used at home. Please note there is no longer a need to add a class code to enrol onto Google Classroom now – everything is now set up. However, please remember to log out of all other Hwb and Google accounts before logging in, to avoid potential conflicts. If you have any problems, please let us know and we will try and support.

Teaching staff have this week, been setting activities on Google Classroom for all pupils. There will be timetabled sessions in school for our pupils to complete them on the Chromebooks, but any who are absent from school will be able to access and complete the tasks as well, meaning that we can provide for them at home. There will be three tasks set per week, plus additional work on Purple Mash. A proportion of the tasks will be open ended, allowing pupils additional scope to spend more time to complete if they so wish. There is also our times tables resource TT Rock Stars available, as well as the wide choice of other activities on the Hwb platform for them to choose from independently. If we are faced with further closure / lockdown, this ‘Blended Learning’ approach highlights the resources we want the pupils to access, in order to engage with their teachers during that period, allowing them to continue with their education.

I very much hope that we do not encounter a situation like we did in March onwards, but we have to be prepared for every eventuality and I very much hope I can count on your support at home to ensure we are in the best position to mitigate any further impact on our pupils’ education.

Reading Packs – Could I ask for Year 3 parents to please return any reading scheme books sent home to support your child during lockdown earlier this year. Mrs Liddy would be very grateful if you could send them in with your child.

Family Link Worker Details – Attached to the email is a leaflet provided by Phillippa, the school’s Family Link Worker. The document outlines the service she and her team provides for parents.

Students of the Week – Our Students of the Week are Ruby, Freya, Harri, Luna, Lilly, Piper, Katelyn, Henry, Charlie, Issy, Noah LS, Isaac, Elliott and Connie. Da iawn pawb!

Recycle Week – We’ve had some lovely pictures of models made from recycling materials sent through already. I’m hoping for lots of further examples sent through over the weekend. I hope our pupils have fun making them. We’ll choose some winners next week!

Music Lessons – It’s been lovely to hear the familiar sounds of instruments being played once again, now that music lessons have resumed. A big welcome to our returning tutors!

Climate Strike – September 25th is Climate Strike Day and Leo came to school armed with a placard indicating his determination to fight for action against climate change. Well done to him!

Corwen Girls’ Football – Also attached to the email is an image encouraging any Year 6 girls interested in playing for Corwen’s girls’ team, to register via the number provided.

Twitter – Once again, in order to keep up with additional activities and news on top of what you already see in the weekly newsletter, I’d encourage you to keep tabs on our Twitter account @rhosstreet. This week you’ll see Recycling Week models, ICT and outdoor literacy with Miss Bevan, Lego work in Reception, news of a sparrow visiting us in the school hall, information regarding Cycle to School Week next week, music lessons, Year 1 & 2 PE, Chromebooks in Year 3 and History in Year 4.

Cycle to School Week – Next week is Cycle to School Week. One thing I’ve noticed this term while welcoming parents and pupils at the front of the school each morning, is that a good number of you are travelling to school on bikes and scooters. This initiative is an opportunity for even more to do so. I spoke to everybody in assembly this morning to encourage them and also ask everybody next Friday, even if they are not cycling, to bring in a cycling helmet if they have one, so that we can help make sure it’s fitted correctly and also take some class photos of them all wearing them.

Congratulations Sophie – One snippet of news yet to be shared with you, is that cleaner Sophie Green had a little baby during the summer break. A big welcome to Paisley Faith and we hope mum is enjoying motherhood!

– As you’ll be aware, we are making use of the field by the Foundation Phase classes during playtime in order to help keep contact groups separate during lunchtimes. With the weather turning, it is ever more important that those pupils in the Foundation Phase have wellingtons to wear in school when it is soggy underfoot, so if you are yet to send some in, please do so, ensuring each pair has the your child’s name clearly marked upon them.

Phone Line – It has been extremely frustrating to still have a phone line that remains out of order. We are reassured that all is being done to rectify the fault as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you wish to contact the office, please use the mobile number 07887822630.

Have a lovely weekend everybody and please continue to stay safe.

September 18th 2020 Medi 18fed

Dear Parents and carers,

The first week of being fully open to all pupils draws to a close. Once again, I can only thank everybody for their cooperation and appeal to everybody to continue in the same vein. Please remain socially distanced dropping off and picking up. I know everybody wants to greet one another, catch up and have a chat, but we must maintain 2 metres to keep one another safe. Thank you.

Assembly – We were delighted to have our first Covid-19 safe, whole school assembly this morning, transmitted online from my office into the classrooms! My meerkat friend kept me company! It gave me the chance to talk to the whole school for the first time in six months and properly welcome everybody back. We will do the same each Friday morning from now on, while restrictions remain as they are.

Students of the Week – Samuel, Oliver, Madalyn, Aurora, Theo, Thea, Katelyn, Romeo, Azam, Tomos, Lacey, Jolie, Cayden and Noah were our Students of the Week and announced as such in our online assembly. Well done to each and every one.
Recycling Week – Next week is Recycling Week, so we are asking our pupils to take part in a competition. We want them to build a model out of recycled materials at home, get a photo taken of them holding the model and either tweet it to the @rhosstreet Twitter account, email it to bryn.jones@denbighshire.gov.uk or print off the photo and bring it in. We will sort some prizes for the winners! I hope they enjoy making their models and the closing date for entries in Monday, September 28th.

Music Lessons – A video about how the Denbighshire Music Cooperative is preparing to restart music lessons safely has been posted to our Twitter acoount. A piano taster session has been organised for anybody interested on Wednesday next week.

Flu Letter – A letter has been attached to the email, giving further information and the date of the forthcoming flu immunisations. Please return any outstanding consent forms as a matter of priority. Many thanks.

Breakfast Club – We are monitoring numbers in Breakfast Club carefully and I would like to stress that we must be careful not to become congested. This service is only for parents who require childcare in order to get themselves to work. Please do not send your child if you are able to drop off at 9am instead. I would like to avoid having to make parents place bookings for Breakfast Club, so your cooperation here would be very much appreciated.

Covid-19 Protocols – I have emailed the latest Covid-19 guides for parents that we have received. One has been amended slightly from an earlier version sent out. Once again, I’d be grateful if you would refer to the documents in order to follow Public Health Wales guidelines correctly. For your information, if we have concerns that a child is displaying / complaining of Covid-19 symptoms in school, we will take the child’s temperature with a non invasive device. If the temperature registered reads 37.8 degrees or above, or other Covid-19 symptoms are suspected, we will contact parents to come and fetch him or her, plus any siblings. In line with the guidelines, you will be required to isolate as a family and to book a Covid-19 test for your child. Permission to return will be granted if the test is negative and you have subsequently provided the school with the relevant documentation as confirmation. As ever, thank you for your cooperation during these complicated times. It is very much appreciated.

Google Classroom – I will email enrolment codes for each Google Classroom today. If your child is yet to enrol in school, then please support them in doing so at home over the weekend. If there is a problem, let your class teacher know and we will sort it in school next week.

New Nursery – Our youngest pupils have settled wonderfully. They are already showing independence and getting on with activities with little fuss. The future is bright!

Giggles – Our Giggles pupils have also been enjoying themselves outdoors this week.

Yours sincerely,

Bryn D. Jones

September 11th 2020 Medi 11fed

Dear Parents and Carers,

The process of phasing back the pupils here at Rhos Street School is now complete. I am delighted that we have today welcomed all classes from Nursery through to Year 6 for the first time since the school was closed in March, due to the pandemic. Although we are yet to see how the home dismissal of everybody at the end of the day fares, everybody has been so co-operative and has followed the guidelines, procedures and signage so far, so I’m confident that all will be well. Consequently, we will be in a good place on Monday for what I consider to be the ‘official’ start of the school year. This newsletter should provide you with the final information required before next week. I understand that a lot of information has been shared with you over recent weeks, which I appreciate is a lot to take in, so please continue to bear with me!

New Restrictions in Wales – You’ll be aware that announcements are being made in Wales today, regarding protocols for numbers of people in gatherings and also on the wearing of masks for indoor public places. This has implications for our procedures at the end of the school day, in respect of Year 5 and 6 pick up. As parents are permitted to wait in the hall to avoid congestion outside, from Monday we will now respectfully request that masks are worn by all adults in the hall at this time. If you have an objection or an exemption for wearing a mask, then please wait outside the hall and we will dismiss your child to you out of the door.

We do have a significant number of parents and relatives who are coming into the main reception to the school office and under normal circumstances, that would be fine. However, as this is also an indoor public place, I am asking you to refrain from any non-essential visits and instead make a phone call or send an email. If it is essential that you visit the office by main reception, then once again, I respectfully ask you to wear a mask.

Now that everybody is back, I must continue to stress the importance of social distancing, for everybody to be patient, punctual and positive with one another. I am aware that Pen Barras have some problems with congestion on their side and I understand they are making attempts to mitigate those complexities. However, it may be useful for those who are able to take an alternative route onto the site to do so, in order to support Pen Barras’ attempts to overcome their difficulties.

PE Timetable – Now that we are ready to ‘go for it’ from Monday, I am now in a position to share the PE timetable with you. Children can come into school in their PE kit on their designated days. Please see the table below:

Monday – Year 1, Year 2, Year 3
Tuesday – Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 4
Wednesday – Year 5, Year 6
Thursday – Nursery, Reception, Year 3
Friday – Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

Music Lessons – Letters have been shared, giving pupils the opportunity to register for music lessons. Infant pupils applications will depend on the capacity of the Denbighshire Music Cooperative to offer lessons for their instrument of choice. Please ensure all remaining forms are returned on Monday.

FAO Year 6 Pupils – Ruthin Town Juniors U11s are recruiting new players for the coming season! If your son / daughter or someone you know is interested in joining the squad, please get in touch with coach Dale Prince (07843 084724 / daleprinnce76@yahoo.co.uk ) for more information.

New Pupils – We have been delighted to welcome a significant number of new pupils, with 13 additions to other classes on top of our new Nursery intake. A big welcome to everybody – pupils and parents alike to the Rhos Street community.

Blended Learning – I think it is important to be mindful that the possibility of classes, contact groups or indeed the whole school having to be sent home due to COVID-19 restrictions remains high. We have to be prepared. We are currently setting up new Google Classrooms for the 2020-21 academic year and will ensure that pupils will be undertaking activities via this platform in school. This will make sure they are logged on and set up for every eventuality. Once this process is complete, it would be useful for everybody to be also prepared at home, by ensuring that your child is also able to log on to your personal devices, so that we can iron out any complications in advance of potential restrictions. Your co-operation here would be appreciated and also I hope, reduce some of the pressure on parents if you once again have to take a lead with home learning in the future.

Little Princess Trust – Over the summer, Emily Debicka raised £787 after donating 14 inches of her hair to The Little Princess Trust! What a fantastic effort! Well done to her. Link for donations:

Air Ambulance – Trystan Evans, marked his 8th birthday, walking up Moel Famau 8 times raising money for Air Ambulance. Trystan was joined by his sisters and friends. What a generous thing to do! They raised £510. Link:

Returning forms – Please ensure that consent forms for flu immunisation have been returned on Monday, as well as any forms requested for new pupils who have joined us for this year. Many thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Bryn D. Jones

September 4th 2020 Medi 4ydd

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have now been open for two days and during that time, welcomed all of the Foundation Phase pupils back, as well as all of Year 3. It has truly been a delight to see those pupils again and they have slotted back in confidently and happily. There were only a few tears in Nursery too! It’s been great to see lots of familiar faces and new ones as well.

Thank you to everybody for arriving in such a calm and organised manner. Everybody is continuing to work together really positively to keep one another safe. We very much look forward to welcoming everybody else back early next week.

There will understandably be more and more human and vehicle traffic each day, so please remain patient and socially distanced. Once again, please refer to my recent correspondence to ensure you know all the important information regarding your child’s return to school.

Twitter – Twitter has increasingly become one of the main modes of communicating information across the world and the school’s account @rhosstreet has become a highly useful and very popular tool to share information, photographs and particularly any updates that need to be shared urgently regarding school business. I would highly recommend, if you are not already a twitter member, that you join and follow our account, to help you keep abreast of the latest news.

Further Lines of Communication – Parents of all Nursery pupils and new pupils should have received forms for them to specify how they would like to receive the newsletter. Remember that the school’s news and more can be found by logging on the school website at www.rhosstreetschool.co.uk. As mentioned earlier, up to date snippets and photos, as well as general nonsense can also be accessed by following our Twitter account www.twitter.com/rhosstreet. Photographs of activities can also be viewed on our Flickr page through a link on the website’s homepage. The PTA Facebook page is another source of important information. Links to all of the above can be found on the website.

Newsletter Format – Due to the pandemic and also for environmental reasons, we will only be sending the newsletter electronically from now on. It can be accessed in three ways: via email, twitter or the website. If you wish to be added to the mailing list, please email me.

Medical Information – If there is any medical information that you need to share with us regarding your child, then please do so, as a matter of urgency, so that we may update our records.

Personal Information & Contact Details – If you have recently changed your address, mobile telephone number or any other details, could you please inform us, so that we may update our records accordingly. Many thanks.

Admissions – Please see the attached letter regarding admission arrangements for Nursery, Reception and Year 7. The deadlines for applications are included and may I remind our new Nursery parents that they must make another application this year, in order to secure a place in the Reception class for next September 2021. Year 6 parents will also need to apply for their child’s Secondary School place. If you have a relative neighbour of friend with a child who will be of Nursery age by September 2021, I’d be grateful if you could pass on the information to them. Many thanks.

Flu Vaccinations – We have consent forms to share with all pupils regarding flu vaccinations. Please ensure that consent forms are returned by Monday September 14th, so that we can administer this process efficiently.

Free School Meals – Parents and guardians in receipt of direct payments for free school meals will continue to receive the payment for the first two weeks of term. Those receiving the payment will be required to use the funds to pay for their child’s meal while at school up until Friday, September 11. The last direct payments are being made on Monday, September 14 (for the week of September 7th – 11th) after which children eligible for free school meals will receive them in school free of charge.

Wellingtons – Could all pupils ensure that they have a pair of wellingtons to keep in school, so that we are able to use the grassed areas to maintain distanced contact groups during break times, even when the grass is inevitably wet. Many thanks.

Snacks – Also, please ensure your child has brought one healthy breaktime snack as well as a labelled water bottle each day. We hope to resume preparing and providing our own snacks, whenever the guidance allows us to do so once again.

Yours sincerely,

Bryn D. Jones

September 2nd 2020 Medi 2ail

Dear Parents and Carers,

The new school year is upon us and while we cannot yet say we are returning to normal, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. We are very much looking forward to beginning the process of welcoming our pupils back tomorrow and very much hope they are all looking forward to coming, meeting their new teachers and seeing their friends once again.

I understand that there will be many anxieties among some of our pupils as they return, but rest assured that their wellbeing, happiness and safety will be of the utmost priority to us all and we will do everything we can to ensure that the transition back into school will be smooth and comfortable. I hope this also gives parents and carers added reassurance, as I’m sure those anxieties will also be evident amongst yourselves. Please do not worry. We aim to make the school a happy and nurturing environment and create the best conditions we can for them to resume their learning. We have followed the safety guidance and the school has been made as safe as it possibly can be.

There are a few things I would like to bring to your attention and also remind you of, ahead of us opening our doors tomorrow. You have previously received the schedule of which classes are in on which days this week and next, as well as the breakdown of pupils in Nursery, Reception, Years 1, 2 and 3 attending tomorrow and Friday. There were many details I shared with you in my letter on August 21st and I’d be grateful if you could revisit the information included, to refresh your minds.

In addition, I would like to point out the following clarifications/amendments to arrangements:

Year 5 and 6 Pick Up – We are now asking for parents to enter the school hall at the end of the day to pick up their children. Please ensure you are socially distanced. The children will be dismissed in the hall.

Wellingtons – In order for us to be able to allocate playtime space for our 4 contact groups separately, classes will spend some time on the school fields. As the grass will be wet on many days, we request that all pupils bring in a pair of wellingtons to be kept in school, so they can wear them when they have their allocated time on the field. Please ensure they have their name on!

Walking Home – Year 5 and 6 are always given the option of walking to and from school on their own, subject to parental consent. If you wish to have that conversation as a family and give that permission, we have a form in school for you to fill and sign.

School Bags – In order to minimise the amount of items being sent in and taken home on a daily basis, we ask that unless your child is having a packed lunch prepared at home that your child does not bring in a school bag. We will however, be using book bags for reading books and homework for all pupils.

Year 3 – Miss Davies, Class 3 teacher, has been called at short notice for an operation, which will take place later this month. This means that for at least the first half term, Miss Davies will not be teaching Year 3 and we have once again asked Mrs Jan Hughes to step in to cover. You will all know Mrs Hughes well, as she so capably stood in for Mrs Liddy last year after her accident. I’m fully confident she will continue to do an excellent job for us. I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing Miss Davies well and we look forward to her return.

Nursery Bags – Could Nursery pupil bags that include their change of clothes be kept in school on the children’s pegs please and not brought back and forth on a daily basis.

Nursery School Lunches
– When the new pupil forms have been received and processed, you will receive a log-in for Parent Pay. Once activated, your child will be able to have a school meal if they stay on for Giggles in the afternoon, which must be paid for in advance please. The current cost is £2.20 per meal.

Finally, I am appealing to everybody to please follow the national guidelines of social distancing on site. There will be many people attending at the same time, particularly at 3.15pm, so please be patient with one another, allow time for you to get where you need to go and please arrive and leave promptly so the flow of human traffic is as smooth as it can be.

We’ll see you all very soon!

Yours sincerely,

Bryn D. Jones