September 25th 2020 Medi 25ain

Dear Parents and Carers,

It’s been one of those weeks which has certainly driven the message home, that we still have a long way to go before we can talk about Covid-19 in the past tense. The ‘new normal’ is definitely here to stay for a while. While this is very frustrating and unfortunate, it makes it ever more important that we have things in place in order to react to circumstances as they arise. This week, staff have worked extremely hard to ensure that we are able to provide for our pupils both in school and at home if the need arises. As ever, I’m really grateful to them for the way they are responding to the range of challenges they face. Details regarding ‘Blended Learning’ have been emailed earlier this week, but I am copying them again below, for your reference and as a reminder. They are crucial as we face the challenge of ensuring we can catch up, support and accelerate the progress of our pupils going forward.

Mae wedi bod yn un o’r wythnosau hynny sydd yn sicr wedi gyrru’r neges adref bod gennym ffordd bell i fynd eto cyn y gallwn siarad am Covid-19 yn yr amser gorffennol. Mae’r ‘new normal’ yn bendant yma i aros am ychydig. Er bod hyn yn rhwystredig ac yn anffodus iawn, mae’n ei gwneud hi’n bwysicach fyth bod gennym bethau ar waith er mwyn ymateb i amgylchiadau wrth iddynt godi. Yr wythnos hon, mae staff wedi gweithio’n galed iawn i sicrhau ein bod yn gallu darparu ar gyfer ein disgyblion yn yr ysgol ac yn y cartref os bydd yr angen yn codi. Fel erioed, rwy’n ddiolchgar iawn iddynt am y ffordd y maent yn ymateb i’r heriau yma wrth iddynt esblygu. E-bostiwyd manylion yn gynharach yr wythnos hon, ond rwy’n eu copïo eto isod, er mwyn cyfeirio atynt ac fel nodyn atgoffa. Maent yn hanfodol wrth inni wynebu’r her o sicrhau y gallwn gefnogi, dal i fyny a chyflymu cynnydd ein disgyblion wrth symud ymlaen.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones
Headteacher / Pennaeth

Google Classroom, Purple Mash and Home Learning – You will be fully aware I’m sure, of the heightened concern regarding the increase of Covid-19 cases highlighted recently. We are mindful that this will inevitably impact upon us in some way here at Rhos Street School. One school in the Ruthin area has had to close this week, due to a confirmed case of Covid-19. In the current climate, all schools are of course advising parents of any pupils displaying symptoms, to isolate and organise a test. This means that we not only have to be prepared for the possibility of further restrictions, but also provide for those pupils who are unable to attend school because of isolation.

In the newsletter last Friday, I informed you that new Google Classrooms had been set up for the new classes. I can now confirm that all pupils in full time classes have been enrolled and set up to access their classroom. They are able to log-in here at school and also at home with a user name and password. The vast majority of you are already in possession of those credentials, but we are sending home Hwb/Google Classroom log-ins again, as well as those for Purple Mash inside reading records. Those details should have reached our Reception pupils, as well as any new pupils who have joined other year groups.

I’d be grateful if you could ensure those log-ins work on the devices used at home. Please note there is no longer a need to add a class code to enrol onto Google Classroom now – everything is now set up. However, please remember to log out of all other Hwb and Google accounts before logging in, to avoid potential conflicts. If you have any problems, please let us know and we will try and support.

Teaching staff have this week, been setting activities on Google Classroom for all pupils. There will be timetabled sessions in school for our pupils to complete them on the Chromebooks, but any who are absent from school will be able to access and complete the tasks as well, meaning that we can provide for them at home. There will be three tasks set per week, plus additional work on Purple Mash. A proportion of the tasks will be open ended, allowing pupils additional scope to spend more time to complete if they so wish. There is also our times tables resource TT Rock Stars available, as well as the wide choice of other activities on the Hwb platform for them to choose from independently. If we are faced with further closure / lockdown, this ‘Blended Learning’ approach highlights the resources we want the pupils to access, in order to engage with their teachers during that period, allowing them to continue with their education.

I very much hope that we do not encounter a situation like we did in March onwards, but we have to be prepared for every eventuality and I very much hope I can count on your support at home to ensure we are in the best position to mitigate any further impact on our pupils’ education.

Reading Packs – Could I ask for Year 3 parents to please return any reading scheme books sent home to support your child during lockdown earlier this year. Mrs Liddy would be very grateful if you could send them in with your child.

Family Link Worker Details – Attached to the email is a leaflet provided by Phillippa, the school’s Family Link Worker. The document outlines the service she and her team provides for parents.

Students of the Week – Our Students of the Week are Ruby, Freya, Harri, Luna, Lilly, Piper, Katelyn, Henry, Charlie, Issy, Noah LS, Isaac, Elliott and Connie. Da iawn pawb!

Recycle Week – We’ve had some lovely pictures of models made from recycling materials sent through already. I’m hoping for lots of further examples sent through over the weekend. I hope our pupils have fun making them. We’ll choose some winners next week!

Music Lessons – It’s been lovely to hear the familiar sounds of instruments being played once again, now that music lessons have resumed. A big welcome to our returning tutors!

Climate Strike – September 25th is Climate Strike Day and Leo came to school armed with a placard indicating his determination to fight for action against climate change. Well done to him!

Corwen Girls’ Football – Also attached to the email is an image encouraging any Year 6 girls interested in playing for Corwen’s girls’ team, to register via the number provided.

Twitter – Once again, in order to keep up with additional activities and news on top of what you already see in the weekly newsletter, I’d encourage you to keep tabs on our Twitter account @rhosstreet. This week you’ll see Recycling Week models, ICT and outdoor literacy with Miss Bevan, Lego work in Reception, news of a sparrow visiting us in the school hall, information regarding Cycle to School Week next week, music lessons, Year 1 & 2 PE, Chromebooks in Year 3 and History in Year 4.

Cycle to School Week – Next week is Cycle to School Week. One thing I’ve noticed this term while welcoming parents and pupils at the front of the school each morning, is that a good number of you are travelling to school on bikes and scooters. This initiative is an opportunity for even more to do so. I spoke to everybody in assembly this morning to encourage them and also ask everybody next Friday, even if they are not cycling, to bring in a cycling helmet if they have one, so that we can help make sure it’s fitted correctly and also take some class photos of them all wearing them.

Congratulations Sophie – One snippet of news yet to be shared with you, is that cleaner Sophie Green had a little baby during the summer break. A big welcome to Paisley Faith and we hope mum is enjoying motherhood!

– As you’ll be aware, we are making use of the field by the Foundation Phase classes during playtime in order to help keep contact groups separate during lunchtimes. With the weather turning, it is ever more important that those pupils in the Foundation Phase have wellingtons to wear in school when it is soggy underfoot, so if you are yet to send some in, please do so, ensuring each pair has the your child’s name clearly marked upon them.

Phone Line – It has been extremely frustrating to still have a phone line that remains out of order. We are reassured that all is being done to rectify the fault as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you wish to contact the office, please use the mobile number 07887822630.

Have a lovely weekend everybody and please continue to stay safe.