March 20th 2020 Mawrth 20fed

Dear Parents and Carers,

If feels strange writing a newsletter in a school that’s missing its pupils. There are no photos to share, nor notice to give of forthcoming activities. We are now in a period of limbo, as we wait for information on how this building will be used in the coming weeks. We can only speculate how that will manifest itself or when. All I know is that we will be open soon for the Key Workers who need us. Whether that is to support the local area or solely for our own pupils is yet to be decided. A week that started with our pupils televised on the national news became no less surreal as it wore on. It ended with good news though, because in the Rotary’s District writing competition which covers North Wales, Cheshire, Merseyside and Southport, Theo was awarded 2nd place for his essay “A connection that grew.” Congratulations!

What has been appreciated, particularly over the last few days is the groundswell of support we’ve had from the school community through emails and messages. Thank you very much. I’m sorry I haven’t had the opportunity to respond to them all in the whirlwind of the last few days. It’s been very challenging for everybody, but I’m grateful to the staff and the pupils for their calmness and their efforts as we’ve tried to make sense of what’s going on. There’s been a lot of work taking place trying to get everything in place for pupils and indeed for staff to be able to work in an effective way going forward.

What is clear though, that although we may be working in a very different way over the next few weeks, we are still here, hoping to engage, support, encourage and provide for our pupils in any way we can. Through the home resources shared so far, through twitter and through email we will stay connected. We will share ideas for further activities, highlight further resources and keep things as fresh as we can. It won’t be the same, but with your support, we can keep these brilliant children learning.

Twitter has always been a positive way to highlight our activities and while I am eager to restrict the response to any queries privately via email, I would welcome any photos or news you want to share of your children working at home and will gladly share them. Feel free to interact that way, so that we can keep tabs on one another in this period of uncertainty. Please be aware though, if you have a twitter account that is locked, your interactions will not be viewable.

Good luck with the home activities. I hope the pupils enjoy them. Say hello to them all from me and the staff. Look after yourselves and stay safe.

I’ll be in touch – you know I’m never quiet on Twitter! When I have news to share with you about ongoing developments, I will do so immediately.

Yours sincerely,

Bryn D. Jones