Hydref 14eg / October 14th 2022

Hydref 14eg / October 14th 2022

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,

School is a hive of activity at the moment, almost literally in the Yr. 4 class, with their work on bees! Everyone is busy getting ready for our forthcoming Harvest service as well as bringing their themes for the term to a close. Eight-week half terms are certainly not for the faint hearted and we are all focused on everything that needs to be done before the well-deserved half-term break.

Wildlife Pond
Tony and Liz have been working hard again, this time in making sure that our wildlife pond is as safe and secure as possible. The addition of anti-climb fencing and a padlock will mean that everyone can enjoy the pond safely. We will be working with Denbighshire Countryside services in the near future to begin planting some water plants in the pond area to encourage the local wildlife to make it their home. Huge thanks again to Tony and Liz for all of their hard work.

Tesco Donation
Many thanks to Mike Reade, the manager of Tesco Ruthin, for his very kind donation of spring bulbs to the school. The Gardening Club will really enjoy planting them in the near future and we will all wait with hopeful expectation for the display that they will provide in the spring. Tesco kindly donated compost in the summer and we are extremely grateful for their ongoing support of the school.

I have been asked by some of the Foundation Learners’ staff to request that the younger children do not bring whole grapes as part of their packed lunch. Some of the children have struggled with larger grapes and the staff had concerns regarding a possible choking hazard. If grapes are sent in as part of a packed lunch, for younger children, could they please be cut up. Many thanks for your support.

Kick-It Sports
Dave from Kick-It sports visited on Monday to speak with the older children about the forthcoming multi-skills club. He shared some of the great games that children attending the club would be playing and left some flyers with information all about Kick-It sports and a link how to book a place on the four-week course. Kick-It Sports club is due to begin on Monday 24th of October. You can see an information video all about Kick-It sports here: https://t.co/SNzE3Xrbh4 and book a place for your child by following this link: https://t.co/xRJl4prStb

Hello Yellow
We had a brilliant response to our Hello Yellow day in school, in support of the Young Minds mental-health charity.
We talked in service about the importance of keeping you mind healthy in just the same way as it is important to keep your body healthy. It was lovely to see the children in their special clothes for the day. If you would like to support the Hello Yellow – Young Minds charity you can donate, on their website, by following this link: https://t.co/mDgUkQnYya

Diwnod Su Mae
Shwmae Su’mae Day, is on Saturday the 15th of October, 2022! Diwrnod Su’mae is an opportunity to have fun and share the Welsh language – in the shop, leisure centre, work, school, playing fields and with your friends, online or face to face! We talked about it in service today and set the challenge for the children to practice saying Su’mae to as many people as they can today ready for Diwrnod Su’mae tomorrow. Su’mae!

Harvest Service
Our Harvest service is on the 25th of October at St Peter’s church. As in previous years we are collecting non-perishable food items to donate to Ruthin Food Bank. If you would like to donate please ask your child to bring in an item or items to our collection point by the main school entrance. Many thanks! Tesco Ruthin have also very kindly agreed to make a donation for Rhos St to share with the Ruthin Food Bank as part of our Harvest service. Their ongoing support of Rhos St is very much appreciated.
If any parents or carers are available, on October 24th and 25th, to assist with walking up to the church with the Foundation Learners please could they meet us at the school entrance at 9:20 am. Many thanks in advance.

Parental Consultations
Our autumn-term parental consultations begin on Monday. You should have received a date and time for your appointment earlier this week. Please can I request that parents and carers arrive promptly for their appointments, at the outside door to their child’s classroom, as we are mindful that there may be an impact on the time available, within the allocated 10- minute time slot, to discuss your child if appointment times are not closely adhered to. Many thanks for your cooperation.

This week’s fabulous achievers are: Will, Omran, Chima, Hugo, Cora, Josh, Claire, Liam and Jay.
Sophie shared her Dance Star of the Week award.
A special mention needs to go to Amelia who took part in the final day of the North Wales International Music Festival on Saturday. She played her cello at St Asaph Cathedral as part of the NEW Sinfonia orchestra. What a fantastic opportunity and what a brave young lady.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir

Andrew Davis, Headteacher / Pennaeth