Estyn Statement

Dear Parents / Carers,

I am delighted and proud to be able to present the Estyn report from our recent inspection, following its publication today. It is indeed a cause for celebration, as it has, following a rigorous, challenging and highly professional process, recognised excellent standards and leadership in a ‘high achieving’ school.

The most important task entrusted to every school, is to do its very best to support pupils in making progress and reaching high standards in line with their potential, in a safe and happy environment. With this in mind, it is such a pleasure to be able to share with you, that for the most important judgement of an Estyn report, ‘Standards’, we have received an ‘Excellent’ rating, the highest accolade that a school can be given. This judgement was based on the work produced by the pupils in their books this year and last, from talking to children about their education, observing them learning and also on the outstanding results the children have achieved over recent years across the school.

The report also states that, “Consistent teaching of good quality and strong systems for care, support and guidance, ensure that all pupils behave well, feel safe and make very good progress.”

The work of the Senior Leadership team and the Governing Body was also recognised, with ‘Leadership and Management’ at the school also adjudged to be ‘Excellent’, with the report stating that, “Leaders, teachers and Governors work together extremely well for the benefit of the pupils.”

I am immensely proud of the report, because it reflects what a fantastic job my staff at every level do here on a day to day basis. Our last inspection in 2013 noted the school’s excellent prospects for improvement and since then, we have endeavoured to meet that challenge to reach such standards in a safe and happy environment. Every member of this hardworking team has succeeded in partnership with our pupils to achieve that goal. When you take into account the additional burden and pressure of having to move and settle into a new building, in tandem with maintaining those standards we hold so dear, it makes the achievement of the staff, pupils and Governors even more remarkable.

The report recognises the strong and sustained performance of our pupils over time, highlighting the fact that ‘nearly all pupils leave the school with skills at least in line with those expected for their age and a majority leave with skills above those expected’. The pupils deserve every praise, because it is the excellent standards they display in their work, that has been the cornerstone of this wonderful report.

The school recognises the important role of parents and the school community in supporting and engaging in a positive way, so this is an accolade to be shared with all concerned and I acknowledge the crucial involvement of all our stakeholders in contributing to this great achievement.

The next challenge is maintaining these standards and in a landscape of great educational change, this is a task we meet with enthusiasm and determination, in order to continue the ongoing success of Rhos Street School.

Chair of Governors, Chris Johnson, has also made the following comment: “2018 was an exceptional year for Rhos Street School. We started with a seamless move to our new modern home and to finish with such a positive review of the school’s performance is a testament to the leadership team and the staff. This couldn’t have been achieved without their dedication and hard work. As a governor and a parent, I am immensely proud of all that the pupils and staff have achieved and I know that Ruthin can be proud to be home to an excellent school. I look forward to seeing the school strive to meet its future ambitions and the children fulfil their potential as part of a safe and happy community here at Rhos Street School.”

Electronic copies are available via email, the website and on the twitter feed. However, if you wish for a paper version, then a copy is available on request from the school office.

Yours sincerely,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher