April 9th 2018 Ebrill 9fed

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,

I hope you had a lovely Easter. We have nearly reached the big day, where we finally welcome the pupils onto the new site.

It is going to be a period of transition and change and I ask for your patience and understanding as we establish new arrangements that work for us, while ensuring pupils are safeguarded at all times. I appreciate some of the details regarding paths and entry points may be confusing with you being unfamiliar with the site. However, the information below will hopefully be of help as you cast eyes upon our new home as you first arrive. There will of course, be plenty of staff on hand to assist.

Here are the arrangements for Tuesday onwards for your attention. Please read them carefully to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible from the outset.

Parking – The car park has been completed and marked last week. Denbighshire County Council Staff will be on hand to point you in the correct direction safely. The way into the car park is via the entrance on the left, with the exit through the gate on the right.

Morning Drop Offs
Breakfast Club – Breakfast Club opens at 8am. Pupils will need to be accompanied to the door leading into the hall which is to be found directly to the left of Main Reception, where they will be registered and passed on to a staff member before entering the hall. You can access this door via the steps in front of both schools or the zig-zag path to the right of those steps.

Nursery and Giggles – Parents of pupils in Nursery and Giggles can follow the upper path running to the right of main reception and through the upper gate to where Eleri and Kelly will welcome the pupils for Nursery from 8.50am. Giggles pupils go through the same gate and then through the next blue gate to get to Giggles which is past the slide. Giggles is open from 8.30am.

All other year groups – Parents of other pupils will follow the lower path in front of the school, leading to the right hand side of the building and go through the lower gate, keep going past the steps on the left, following the path up to the next gate, where you will pass on your child to a staff member on that gate. Your child will then go onto either the Infant or Junior yard area until the bell rings. If it is raining they will go directly into class. The gate will be opened at 8.50am. Any pupils arriving before that time, will need to be taken to Breakfast Club, as per the arrangements above. Any latecomers should come into school via the main reception.

Picking Up Arrangements

11.30am Nursery Pick Up – The pick up arrangements for Nursery pupils will be the same as morning drop off, with the pupils being released though the same doors to parents and relatives at the end of the morning session. Pupils going from Nursery to Giggles will be handed over by staff inside the building.

Reception Class – At the end of the school day, parents of pupils in the Reception class, will use the gates and stairs used by Nursery parents in the morning, where the pupils will be released through the Reception cloakroom.

Years 1 and 2 – Parents of Years 1 and 2 pupils will access the site via the gate they dropped off the pupils in the morning and wait on the Infant outdoor area for the pupils to be sent home via their respective cloakrooms.

Juniors – Parents of Junior children will access the site via the gate they dropped off their pupils in the morning and wait in the Juniors’ outdoor area for them to be sent home via their respective cloakrooms. This area is to be found by following the path to the right of the gate for morning drop offs.

Enquiries – If you wish to make an enquiry in the office, you will need to follow the stairs in front of both schools or the zig-zag path to the right of those steps. Clerical staff are available from 8.45am so any messages to be passed on to school staff in the morning can be done here or via Breakfast Club staff before that time. Parents and relatives are permitted onto the site at the end of the day while picking up and staff are of course available at this time for informal chats, as we are eager to retain our open door ethos, despite the changes regarding morning drop offs.

After School Club – Pupils will be handed over from class to After School Club inside the building. The location of After School Club is the same as Giggles. Follow the path to the right of the front of the school building, go through the gate, up the stairs on the left and past the slide.

Landscaping – You will be aware on entry to the site that the external landscapes are incomplete and areas that will be grassed are yet to be seeded. Could you please encourage you children to stay on the paths at all time and not step on soiled or barked areas. Many thanks.

School Lunches / ParentPay – The electronic system in the canteen is yet to be installed as I write this. We will of course be using ParentPay as before the Easter, but there may be a period of transition as the computerised canteen system is introduced. I’ll keep you posted!

Ongoing Works – There will be ongoing works going on at the site, which will include finishing the externals and any snagging works. Be assured that the pupils will not be put in any danger or be placed in the proximity of any of these works.

School Uniform – We have approved the logo design to go on the uniform and Workplace Worksafe will soon have them in production, if they haven’t already.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth