October 16th 2020 Hydref 16eg

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,

Hello Yellow – It’s been an emotional day here in school. A day full of smiles, laughs, reflections plus a few tears too – and all in the memory of Jill, who we remembered fondly today on the anniversary of her sad death. It was also the day we officially opened ‘Jill’s Bench’. The bench has been placed in a lovely location – in the garden area here at Rhos Street School. The area was made ever more special by the beautiful colours, flowers, balloons, lanterns and newly laid plants, that over the coming years will grow and bloom and blossom. Thank you to Mrs Davies and Year 5 for their brilliant work – it looks really special. The bench surrounds a very old oak tree, which will have stood here for many, many years. The Oak tree is one of the most loved trees in the world, and is a symbol of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge. Oak is often associated with honour, nobility and wisdom, so it is a very apt tree as a home for this special bench that’s been placed around it.

It will be a place of friendship where people can meet, be happy and laugh, or indeed be a place of comfort where you can talk about how you feel to someone. It will also be a place to remember Jill and look at a plaque bearing her name and a sentence that says that “Her laugh, smile and memory will always be here at Rhos Street School.” It’s a place to remember her with a smile and be happy, because that’s what she would have wanted.

We’ve had a lovely day, wearing yellow, telling jokes and taking silly pictures and it was really special to welcome Jill’s daughters, Amy and Michelle to share the moment with us. They were also pupils here at Rhos Street School many years ago, so it was particularly poignant.

Students of the Week – Students of the Week were Louie, Sylvia, Verity, Paige, Raine, Amelia, Max, Scarlet, Mia Rose, Mia, Melissa, All of Year 5 and James. Well done to them all.

Parental Consultations – Please refer to the email I sent on Wednesday afternoon regarding the parental consultations. By sharing this information from my perspective before the consultations, it will allow teachers to specifically discuss your child’s progress and needs going forward on the night, rather than have to explain the extensive information in that email.

Halloween Activities
– A PTA fundraiser has been organised for the last day of term. Pupils can bring £1 and dress up in Halloween costumes. I’d be grateful if they do not bring additional props. There is also a drawing competition and details are included on the attached image. Entries cost 50p. A template to colour in will be sent home with Nursery and Reception, the older pupils have a free choice of drawing a Halloween themed picture on a sheet of A4. A winner from each class will be selected, while all entries will be rewarded with a small treat.

Flu Immunisations – These will take place on Monday.

Local Parking – Please take care with your vehicles when using local roads and estates to park in order to drop off your pupils. Many thanks.

Sanitising Gel – Please can Infant children not be sent to school with their own anti-bacterial gel. As they are being sold in all sort of colours and designs, we are concerned they will be misused. Some pupils have skin rashes so have their own gel and that is fine. Please ensure the class teacher is given the gel to look after.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth