September 4th 2020 Medi 4ydd

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have now been open for two days and during that time, welcomed all of the Foundation Phase pupils back, as well as all of Year 3. It has truly been a delight to see those pupils again and they have slotted back in confidently and happily. There were only a few tears in Nursery too! It’s been great to see lots of familiar faces and new ones as well.

Thank you to everybody for arriving in such a calm and organised manner. Everybody is continuing to work together really positively to keep one another safe. We very much look forward to welcoming everybody else back early next week.

There will understandably be more and more human and vehicle traffic each day, so please remain patient and socially distanced. Once again, please refer to my recent correspondence to ensure you know all the important information regarding your child’s return to school.

Twitter – Twitter has increasingly become one of the main modes of communicating information across the world and the school’s account @rhosstreet has become a highly useful and very popular tool to share information, photographs and particularly any updates that need to be shared urgently regarding school business. I would highly recommend, if you are not already a twitter member, that you join and follow our account, to help you keep abreast of the latest news.

Further Lines of Communication – Parents of all Nursery pupils and new pupils should have received forms for them to specify how they would like to receive the newsletter. Remember that the school’s news and more can be found by logging on the school website at As mentioned earlier, up to date snippets and photos, as well as general nonsense can also be accessed by following our Twitter account Photographs of activities can also be viewed on our Flickr page through a link on the website’s homepage. The PTA Facebook page is another source of important information. Links to all of the above can be found on the website.

Newsletter Format – Due to the pandemic and also for environmental reasons, we will only be sending the newsletter electronically from now on. It can be accessed in three ways: via email, twitter or the website. If you wish to be added to the mailing list, please email me.

Medical Information – If there is any medical information that you need to share with us regarding your child, then please do so, as a matter of urgency, so that we may update our records.

Personal Information & Contact Details – If you have recently changed your address, mobile telephone number or any other details, could you please inform us, so that we may update our records accordingly. Many thanks.

Admissions – Please see the attached letter regarding admission arrangements for Nursery, Reception and Year 7. The deadlines for applications are included and may I remind our new Nursery parents that they must make another application this year, in order to secure a place in the Reception class for next September 2021. Year 6 parents will also need to apply for their child’s Secondary School place. If you have a relative neighbour of friend with a child who will be of Nursery age by September 2021, I’d be grateful if you could pass on the information to them. Many thanks.

Flu Vaccinations – We have consent forms to share with all pupils regarding flu vaccinations. Please ensure that consent forms are returned by Monday September 14th, so that we can administer this process efficiently.

Free School Meals – Parents and guardians in receipt of direct payments for free school meals will continue to receive the payment for the first two weeks of term. Those receiving the payment will be required to use the funds to pay for their child’s meal while at school up until Friday, September 11. The last direct payments are being made on Monday, September 14 (for the week of September 7th – 11th) after which children eligible for free school meals will receive them in school free of charge.

Wellingtons – Could all pupils ensure that they have a pair of wellingtons to keep in school, so that we are able to use the grassed areas to maintain distanced contact groups during break times, even when the grass is inevitably wet. Many thanks.

Snacks – Also, please ensure your child has brought one healthy breaktime snack as well as a labelled water bottle each day. We hope to resume preparing and providing our own snacks, whenever the guidance allows us to do so once again.

Yours sincerely,

Bryn D. Jones