Rhagfyr 8fed / December 8th

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,

As the Christmas steamroller continues its inexorable rumble toward the end of term, the dark and soggy days of late have not dampened our spirits one bit. The Christmas elves have been working their magic around the school with the appearance of yet another Christmas tree, an Elf photo-door (don’t ask) and even an unsolicited tinsel raid on my office, all undertaken when I was out on a course…Those Elves must somehow have access to the school calendar? Santa was on the premises yesterday making a welcome visit to our Christmas lunch and then to the junior classes, I did ask for a quick glimpse of the naughty list, but unfortunately Santa had just finished his GDPR refresher course, so I’m unable to share if anyone is getting coal in their stocking this year.

Christmas-Jumper Days
It’s lovely to see all the Christmas jumpers around the school on our December jumper days. Thank you so much to parents and carers who have donated jumpers to our jumper-swap area (in the foyer) please feel free to come and exchange a jumper if you fancy a change. All proceeds from our jumper days are going to the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Appeal.

Christmas Concert
Our Christmas Concerts are scheduled for Tuesday 12th of December at the Tabernacle Chapel. The matinee will begin at 1.30pm (please note the change of time to allow children to return to school to meet taxis) and 5.30pm. The tickets, available on the door, are £2.50 per person and we are strongly encouraging that, due to limited spaces in the chapel, only two adults, per-family, attend each show as much as is at all possible. Children can be collected directly from the matinee performance, should parents / cares wish, but will not have their bags with them, which will remain in school until the following day.

The Nursery Christmas-Singalong is scheduled for 10.30am on Monday 11th of December, in the school hall. Parents wishing to attend should come to the main-school entrance. Tickets are £2.50 per person, available on the door.

Disabled Parking Spaces
We have, unfortunately, had some issues with members of the school community who hold a Blue Badge, being unable to find accessible parking spaces in the school car park. I have been informed that some of the Taxis, collecting children at the end of the day from Rhos St and Pen Barras, are parking in the disabled-access bays. I have contacted Denbighshire Transport, who will be instructing the taxis not to park in the disabled bays in future. Can I please request that parents and carers refrain from parking in the drop-off area between 2.45pm and 3.30pm, to allow the taxis to park safely to collect children. Signage highlighting this designated usage and timings, from Denbighshire County Council, is scheduled to be erected in the very near future adjacent to the pick-up / drop -off area. Many thanks for your help and support in relation to this important matter.

Christmas Singing on the Square
Many thanks to all the children, parents, carers, friends and family who supported the school at the Christmas Singalong on Saturday 2nd of December. The weather held out… just, and the children sang beautifully. We are so proud of them all and are grateful, as ever, for the wonderful support of our fantastic school community.

Christmas Lunch
A huge thank you to our brilliant school cook Jane and her amazing team for our lovely Christmas lunch yesterday. As you can see from the pictures the food, and the response from the children was wonderful. A big thank you to Santa, who came all the way to Ruthin, from the North Pole, specially to see the
children and drop off some goodies.
Damaged Steps
There is a loose step on the main flight of steps leading to the entrance to the school. The area has been roped off and Denbighshire County Council have been informed. Please keep your children away from, and do not use the roped-off steps until further notice. Many thanks.

Weekly Wellbeing
This week’s quote is from Professor Richard Feynman, esteemed theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize winner, and echoes very much our vision here at Rhos St:

“Students should be made to think, to doubt, to communicate, to question, to learn from their mistakes, and most importantly to have fun in their learning.”

Prof. Richard Feynman
This week’s brilliant achievers are Willow, Seren, Hannah, Drago, Emilia, Toby, Ollie, Caleb and Tru.
Louie shared his swimming certificate and Jess gave us all a lovely violin recital. Well done to them all!