Medi 23ain / September 23rd 2022

Medi 23ain / September 23rd 2022

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,

Even a shorter than usual week has felt full to bursting with lots happening all over the school. We are preparing for our Sports for Champions session, have a look at the Rhos St page if you get the chance to find out more about the athlete that will be coming to visit: Chester football sessions and the first of our Craze of the Week activities have all got under way, the calendar that was very empty is definitely filling up!

Craze of the Week

As part of our work based on Jenny Mosely’s Circle Time and Golden Time we have begun our Craze of the Week activities. The idea is that every week we introduce a new Craze of the Week for children to take part in at break and lunchtimes. Yr. 6 pupils have kindly volunteered to be Craze of the Week trainers, working with the younger classes to teach them the current week’s craze. This week’s Craze of the Week was chalk and we had some very creative playground adornment to brighten up our lives.

Chester Football
Kalvin from Chester Football began the afternoon football sessions with Yrs. 3 and 4 yesterday. They all had a brilliant time learning new skills and playing some fantastic, fun games. Our after-school football club also started yesterday, with the Yrs. 5 and 6 pupils being put through their paces. A huge thank you to Chester Football for offering us the afternoon sessions free of charge and for providing the after-school club.

Pentrellyncymmer Residential
A very last opportunity for any parents and carers, who would like their child to take part in the Pentrellyncymmer residential visit on 16th – 18th November. We are finalising numbers and Monday will be the last chance to secure a place. Please contact the school office for information.

Midday Supervisor
Anyone interested in the role of Midday Supervisor at the school please get in touch as we are looking for someone special to join our dedicated team.

Vintage Newspapers
Many thanks to Rhos St governor Pat Astburry for loaning us some fascinating newspapers form yesteryear. We are going to be sharing these with the children in the coming weeks. One from 1952 is particularly interesting and pertinent as it shows the funeral of King George VI with some very poignant similarities with the funeral of Queen Elizabeth on Monday.

PTA Halloween Disco

To give you plenty of time to prepare maximum spookiness here is information about the PTA Halloween Disco on Thursday 27th October. We’re all looking forward to a terrifyingly spooktastic event!
Infants 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Juniors 4:45pm – 5:45pm
Adults to stay with infants please.
£2 entry per child on the door.

Twiggle does Turtle
Our service today was all about Twiggle the Turtle and how he learned to control his emotions by doing Turtle.
We will all be practicing how to do Turtle when things upset or frustrate us in school.

This week’s amazing achievers are: Lucas, Thomas, Hannah. Thea, Isabella, Esme-Rae, Nimrod, Myah, Charles and Noah. Bella and Grace shared their green martial-arts belts and Sofia shared her orange belt. Noah shared his triathlon medal and Emiliya shared her dance trophy. Well done to all our brilliant achievers!

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir

Andrew Davis, Headteacher / Pennaeth