May 7th 2020 Mai 7fed

Dear Parents and Carers,

With the VE Day Bank Holiday taking place, it seems ever more a shame that school remains closed, denying us the chance to provide some really rich opportunities for our pupils this week, to remember the end of the Second World War. I am sure however, that you will all find a way to recognise this anniversary and I’m aware that some tasks have been set by our teachers along these lines.

We reach the end of another week and await a roadmap from the UK Government, in respect of the relaxation of measures put in place to keep us all and particularly the most vulnerable around us, safe. While those of us in education currently remain in the dark as much as everybody else, we of course are considering carefully the best means of managing the transition back to normality safely, putting the wellbeing of all first and foremost. There is a lot of conflicting evidence out there and we all know it’s easy to pick and choose which evidence is valid, but despite indications that young children are less susceptible to Covid-19, serious considerations need to made on how to protect the large amount of families we have with vulnerabilities in the household, the large amount of staff with vulnerabilities around them and make sure we protect everybody in the school community, children and adults alike. I am very hopeful that those making the decisions in Wales about the transition period will be mindful of these factors. Nothing would please me more, than being able to open the doors of the school to all pupils again, but we all want it done as safely as possible.

I also wanted to pass on my thanks once again to you all for the efforts you’re making to support your children with home learning. I mentioned wellbeing above and it continues to be a great comfort to me in these times that our pupils remain safe, happy and well. We remain extremely eager to support you in any way, but I am very grateful for everything you are trying to do through your engagement with the distance learning. I’m enjoying seeing the enthusiasm in the comments on Google Classroom and am heartened that, while this kind of learning will never be the same as being in school, our pupils will return buoyed by your efforts and we will be able to pick up the baton of their schooling and continue their educational journey with little disruption.

Something that will no doubt lift the spirits of everybody, is the message posted to Twitter from one of our old pupils; ex-Swansea, and current Aston Villa footballer, Welsh international, Euro 2016 semi-finalist and local hero, Neil Taylor. He gives our pupils some great advice and I’m really grateful to him for taking the time to send a message. Huge thanks to Will Jones, another ex-pupil and current parent for sorting it all.

Another bright spot this week, was the news that Maya had won third place in an art competition run by local chartered accountants Hill & Roberts. Well done to her!

Mia-Rose has been making some rainbow candles and would like to sell them to help raise money for the NHS. She is asking for a minimum donation of £2.50 per candle. If anyone would like one, please get in touch and I’ll pass you onto mum!

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend and please continue to stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

Headteacher, Pennaeth