July 13th / Gorffennaf 13eg

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,
There is light at the end of the tunnel. With a week left of the busiest of years, we ready ourselves to say good bye to Year 6 and each teacher of course will spend their final few days with their class before they move up. Reports go out and the list of boxes to tick before end of term grows ever smaller, while the list for September already grows!

Mae golau ar ddiwedd y twnel. Gydag wythnos i fynd ar ôl y prysuraf o flynyddoedd, rydym yn barod i ddweud hwyl fawr i Flwyddyn 6 a bydd pob athro wrth gwrs yn treulio eu dyddiau olaf gyda’u dosbarth cyn iddynt symud i fyny. Mae adroddiadau’n mynd allan ac mae’r rhestr o flychau i dicio cyn diwedd y tymor yn lleihau, tra bod y rhestr ar gyfer mis Medi eisoes yn tyfu!

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Attendance – While we are delighted with our pupils’ achievements this year in their assessments and tests, one area which has taken the shine off this success, is the fact that our attendance has dipped this year. This is partly because of an increase in the amount of holidays taken by families in school time. However, additionally, there has also sadly been an increase of instances where parents have kept their children off school out of convenience, without there being a sufficient reason to do so. Not only is missing school going to directly impact on your child’s education, but the school will also be judged unfavourably for its attendance decreasing. Going forward, may I appeal to you all, in the interest of our pupils and the reputation of the school, that you consider carefully the impact on your child’s education if you are thinking of taking your child out of school and also, if they are not sick and are fit and well, that you under no circumstances keep them off school in future. A school is fully dependent on the support of its parents, so your co-operation here from now on, would be greatly appreciated.

End of Year Reports – End of year reports are being sent home today. I’d be grateful if you could fill the feedback sheet and return it to school next week. You may keep your copy of the report. The report is comprehensive, however, if, having read your child’s report, you feel that there is a need to discuss it further, then please inform us on Monday morning, so that we may arrange an appointment with your class teacher. Included with the report is attendance data and National Test results for Year 2-6. Year 2 and 6 will also receive their end of Key Stage Assessment Results.

Nursery and Giggles Family Service – It was certainly a treat to get to watch Giggles & Nursery’s Family Service this morning. In a packed hall, they worked through an extensive repertoire of mini beast songs, poems and nursery rhymes and everybody had a smile on their faces. Thank you to Eleri and Kelly, to Anna and her team for their work. We have some bright stars for the future among our youngest pupils.

Year 6 Trip – Year 6 are always fortunate to get to go on a trip that’s a bit different before they leave and this year was no different, with a highly enjoyable time had by all in Llangollen, paddle boarding.

Shoctober 2018 – As one of the lead schools taking part last year we are delighted to help out in promoting this year’s Shoctober event, encouraging more schools to take part and raise money for an AED.

Achievers – Students of the Week are Nursery and Giggles pupils, Sophia, Caitlin-Rose, Emma, Edan, Rebecca, Ruby, Maya, Finley and Liam. Welsh awards went to Katie, Kieran, Finley and Casi. Certificates went to Ffion, for piano;,to Seren, Llinos and Ruby for swimming. Isaac had a football trophy and Xander a lovely trophy for being awarded Denbighshire’s Primary School Music Pupil of the Year for playing the cornet so well.

Uniform Recycle – Please see the attached poster regarding this new initiative.

Ruthin Civic Association Visit – It was a pleasure to welcome and entertain members of the Ruthin Civic Association on a guided tour of the new site this week. A tree was planted to recognise the occasion.

Musical Showcase Concert – We look forward to giving our instrumentalists the chance to show off their skills in a concert after school on Monday. Remember your instruments!

Reading Challenge – The Library Service will visit next week to discuss the Summer Reading Challenge, which we of course expect our pupils to be committed to taking part.

Leavers’ Service – Year 6 will hold their Leavers’ Service in the hall on Wednesday at 1.30pm. Parents and relatives are of course welcome.

Dinner Money Next Year – Dinner money from September will increase to £2.20 per day.

Return of Instruments – Could any pupils discontinuing lessons at the school next year, plus of course our Year 6 leavers, please return their instruments to the school.

Living Classroom – Our living classroom is a resource that we are hugely excited about and are keen to protect. While we are eager to allow members of the school community, including parents to find out more and have the chance to see the fantastic potential of this place after the Summer; may I ask the pupils to respect the site by not visiting or taking anybody there out of school in order to ensure it remains in good order, private and in the condition we want it to remain going forward. Many thanks. We will organise an opportunity for all to view this resource in the Autumn Term.

Canteen Seaside Day – On Wednesday there will be a seaside themed lunch, including fish and chips, ice cream and cold drinks.

Payment of Monies – It would be really helpful and we’d be really grateful if you could ensure that all outstanding debts are settled on Monday, so we can get everything sorted by the end of term. This includes dinners, music lessons and any payment for trips. Your cooperation would be very much appreciated.