January 18th 2020 Ionawr 18fed

Dear Parents and Carers / Annwyl Rieni a Gwarchodwyr,

Another week in lockdown comes to an end. I hope it’s been a productive one and that you’ve all found ways to find moments of lightness among the gloom which unfortunately continues to engulf us.

Outdoor Art – A bright spot from my point of view, has been getting to see the outdoor art creations our pupils have made as part of their Weekly Wellbeing Task. It has been a pleasure to see the photographs and I have shared those that have reached me so far, in an end of week video / assembly posted to Google Classroom today. Any more efforts over the weekend and beyond will be gratefully received – it’s lovely to share what you’ve been up to with everybody.

Students of the Week – The teachers and I wanted to share the names of some pupils for their efforts this week. Samuel and Harri from Reception, Lilly, Isaac and Alex from Year 1, Claire, Ruben and Romeo from Year 2, Charles, Willow, Tommy and new pupil Evelyn from Year 3, Daniel, Alys, Cadie and Jay from Year 4, Ben, Lacey, Elliott and Barkley from Year 5 and Connie, Toby, Leo and Nate from Year 6 have all engaged really well – as have many more which could also be mentioned. Thank you for your efforts and keep it up! I’m sure I’ll get to share more names next week! The above were recognised in today’s online message.

Santes Dwynwen Competition – I have attached details of a county wide Santes Dwynwen competition to the email, in which the children can take part. Santes Dwynwen is the patron saint of Love for Wales, our St. Valentine so to speak. I explained the task briefly to them today in my message.

Christmas Card Competition – Well done to Shreya, who was selected as Rhos Street’s winner in Darren Millar’s Christmas Card competition. She has won a prize and certificate and was also recognized in the video today.

Music Lessons – If you wish for your child to continue receiving music lessons while school remains closed, the Denbighshire Music Co-operative are providing online lessons and you can register to receive them this way, via the following link:

Phone Calls – As outlined in my email to you earlier this week, you will receive phone calls over the next week, if you haven’t already as a courtesy, offering you any support and as a check that you are ok and have everything you need. I’d be grateful if you’d continue to reinforce the messages in the email you received on Tuesday with your child, to ensure they get the best out of the resources and activities we are posting.

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth