February 23rd 2018 Chwefror 23ain

Dear Parents & Carers,

A positive first week closes after our half term break.  I must say that our new logo was launched on Wednesday with bated breath, as you’re never sure how these things will be received.  However, the overwhelmingly positive reaction was very welcome, reinforcing what a supportive, engaged and appreciative school community we have. It is important to recognise that important fact. It is Eisteddfod week and we will be proud of our competitors tomorrow.  We have also had further meetings this week regarding ICT and furniture at the new building.  Everything sounds very positive and exciting.  You’ll see below that we have an exceedingly busy few days next week, with lots going on.  We will also be receiving crates to begin sorting through and packing away things for transportation.  The few weeks ahead are definitely a time for everybody to have a positive, flexible mindset.  There will be challenges to face as we prepare to move and adapt afterwards in our new building, but a co-operative, supportive and positive approach from all will I’m sure, facilitate a successful move for Rhos Street School.

Yours sincerely / Yn gywir,

Bryn D. Jones, Headteacher / Pennaeth

Logo – Our new logo has now been unveiled.  We hope you like it! Huge thanks to graphic designer Robert Davis for his work liaising with his son Mr. Davis, following all of the ideas provided by the pupils over the last few months. It’s been a truly collaborative effort!

We will adopt the logo after Easter and school jumpers sold from then on, will incorporate the new design.  However, there is no requirement for you to buy a new school jumper until it is necessary.  It is not expected, nor is there any pressure to do so.

Parent Pay – Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that the introduction of Parent Pay has been a smooth one.  If you are yet to register, then please do so at your earliest convenience.

Parents Evening – Times for next week’s parental consultations have been sent out this week.  If there are any problems with the time allocated, please get in touch with the school office.

Chromebooks – Our Chromebooks are up and running! We are also asking for businesses to consider sponsoring us. Each Chromebook costs about £200. With each Chromebook, we are buying licenses and a charging trolley to store them. In exchange for a business sponsoring a Chromebook, we will advertise the business on the Chromebook and in our newsletter. If you are interested or you know of someone who may be interested, please get in touch with the PTA (rhosstreetpta@gmail.com), or ask in School. Any help would be hugely appreciated and we are grateful to those who have supported us so far.

Writing Workshop – Before half term, we welcomed Mr Matthias, who delivered a creative writing workshop to some of the Year 5 and 6 children.  Earlier in the day, he learned all about how we used technology in the school and was suitably impressed with what he saw!

Chinese New Year – Thanks to Lyn and her team for providing a tasty Chinese New Year lunch this week.  It went down a treat!

Achievers – Students of the Week were Daniel, Emi-Lee, Oliver, Jos, Christian, Laura, Finlay, Emilie, Seren and Urte.  Welsh awards went to Alexander, Jack, Xander, Flo, Katie, Mia and Cain.  Xander received a brass certificate, Laura grade 1 piano, Emma grade 1 dance and Daniel a host of swimming awards. Well done to all concerned.

Premier League Primary Stars – On Monday afternoon, we welcome the coaches of esteemed local side Chester FC, who will provide some sessions for Year 5 and 6 pupils, with other sessions for other classes planned on subsequent Mondays.  This is part of the school’s involvement in the Premier League Primary Stars programme, which is an exciting initiative providing some really worthwhile opportunities for the pupils.  We are delighted to be involved in this partnership and please see the additional flier, promoting forthcoming matches involving Chester FC in their relegation battle!

Moneysense – As part of our aim to develop financial management skills among our pupils, Nat West will visit on Monday to provide Years 5 and 6 with a special MoneySense session.

Butterfly Project – On Tuesday, Reverend Stuart will visit to speak to the classes about Ruthin Town Parishes forthcoming butterfly project leading up to Easter.

Mothers Day Pictures – Next week’s Free Press will include the pupils’ Mother’s Day pictures.

Intergenerational Event – Next Wednesday, Year 6 will be taking part in a session where some of the older members of our community visit the school and share their memories of the past.  This has been organised in conjunction with Age Connects.

Year 5 Transition – On Wednesday afternoon, Year 5 will visit Ysgol Brynhyfryd for an activity as part of transition arrangements before the move to secondary school in 18 months time!

Reception Class Mask Making – Before half term, the Reception Class were very creative making rather fetching masks.

Minibeast Project – Year One have embarked on a new project this term – Minibeasts!  They went on a visit to the park in order to learn more and I’m sure there are lots of very interesting activities planned for over the next few weeks!

Lead Creative Schools Project – Year 3 are involved in a special creative project over the next few weeks.  This project will then develop into a whole school effort after the Summer.  They will be working with local artist Elizabeth Jones on a project called evolve and expressing themselves artistically, while looking back at the old Rhos Street School building, before looking forward to their new home at the new Rhos Street School site.

St. David’s Day – March 1st is St. David’s Day, of course and the pupils are as ever encouraged to come in dressed for the occasion.  I’m sure we’ll see National Costumes, rugby, football shirts, leeks and daffodils aplenty.  I’m sure everybody will look magnificent and proud to be Welsh!

World Book Day – Although World Book Day is ‘officially’ also on March 1st, our usual celebration of all things fictional will take place on Friday the 2nd. As is traditional, pupils can come to school dressed as a literary character, but as ever, there is no pressure to go out and buy costumes.  Make it work for you!

Year 4 Family Service – Next Friday will see Year 4 deliver their Family Service at 9am. Parents and relatives are welcome.